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7 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Battery Charging 100% Powerful

Of course, charging back and forth is tedious. What’s more, if the cellphone battery runs out quickly and needs it fast, charging is the most annoying thing. Well, fortunately there are now 7 Android applications to speed up battery charging that you can download for free.

Basically, the way this Android application works is by maximizing the features in the system. For example, by cleaning the RAM so that it increases the speed of charging the battery.

Here are 7 Android Apps to Speed ​​Up Battery Charging

DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

This application is one of the most phenomenal applications because it gets 4.5 stars from 13 million users. Cool, right?

Besides being able to save battery, the main feature offered by the application is its ability to optimize battery performance and the charging process is just one tap away.

Not only that, this application works optimally with the “junk cleaner” and “phone cooler” features. No wonder the cellphone is more durable and the charging process is much faster.

There are also other interesting features such as “App Protection”, “Wi-Fi Security Inspection” to information on the health of your smartphone’s battery.

Fast Charging – Charge Battery Fast

Fast Charging - Charge Battery Fast

This app is made Goo Tech with a 4.5 star rating on Google Playstore. The way this application works is by turning off applications that are running and are not needed, so that the smartphone is more energy efficient. In addition there are a number of other features offered, including:

  • Reduce “screen brightness” to the lowest level
  • Turn off Wifi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off “screen rotation”
  • Show charging status on lock screen
  • Suitable for many smartphones

Super Fast Charger

Super Fast Charger

Super Fast Charger has received a 4.6 star rating from more than 55 thousand users. This application is able to speed up the charging process on your smartphone by turning off all applications that are not used but consume a lot of power such as 3G networks, Wifi, bluetooth etc. This application will auto active when the charger cable is plugged in.

Not only that, this application is also able to increase the smartphone’s ability to save power, making it more durable. There are also battery features such as “battery temperature”, “battery health” information, “battery voltage” to “battery technology”.

Super Fast Charger 5x

Super Fast Charger 5x

Apps produced by Thanhios68 it has a 4.5 star rating from over 69 thousand users. Just like the two “fast charging” applications above, this application works by cleaning RAM memory and increasing battery saver performance.

In addition, Wifi, bluetooth and “screen brightness” will also be significantly reduced so that the battery is durable and fast charging. You can also see detailed information about your battery and there are also lots of themes that can make your smartphone more beautiful.

Fast Charger

Fast Charger

One more “battery charging” application that you can try is Fast Charger. The application created by Onall Apps is relatively new because it was only released in 2022. This application is claimed to be able to increase battery life by up to 50%.

Some of the interesting features offered so that this application is able to charge quickly are:

  • Turn off apps that are rarely used but drain battery power
  • Maximizing energy with just 1 tap
  • Turn off all applications when the screen is off
  • HP brightness settings
  • etc

Fast Charger – Battery Saver Master

Fast Charger - Battery Saver Master

The sixth is an application made by Fivestars Studio which received a 4.6 star rating from more than 14 thousand users. This application is equipped with a CPU cooler that is able to cool the smartphone engine so that charging and battery life is better.

Then there is a smart charger that immediately turns off Wifi, bluetooth, internet and the result when the charging process is carried out. Until the ability of this application to extend battery life.

Fast Charging Pro (Speed ​​up)

Fast Charging Pro (Speed ​​up)

The last one is Fast Charging Pro (Speed ​​up) where this application already has a fairly high rating on the play store. There are many features in it such as monitoring battery usage, battery temperature, storage to calculating how long the battery is full when charging.

That’s a brief review from us, then which application to speed up battery charging do you think is the best? You won’t know until you try it, good luck