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5 Best Xiaomi Screen Recorder Apps Without Root

If you intend to become a youtuber or video tutorial maker using a Xiaomi cellphone, the first thing you have to look for is an application to record your Xiaomi cellphone screen. Indeed, for the latest xiaomi cellphones, there is already a default application called screen recorder which in Indonesian means screen recording.

Xiaomi Screen Recorder App

However, there are many reasons Xiaomi users don’t use the default recording application. Different people have different needs, there are people who not only want to record the screen, but can also record their own faces while making videos, this feature is called facecam.

Take it easy because we have recommendations for the best xiaomi screen recorder applications besides the default applications that you can use.

5 Best Xiaomi Screen Recorder Apps

1. DU Recorder

DU Recorder

The first is DU Recorder as the best screen recorder application for Xiaomi. I myself often use this application to make video tutorials on my Xiaomi redmi 3 cellphone.

It has complete features such as voice recording, video resolution that we can set ourselves, fps, and much more.

Download : DU Recorder

2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recorder app without root that we highly recommend for Xiaomi. Although this application has been around for a long time, its performance is still good so that many users still use it.

You can record videos without a time limit, without watermarks, ad-free and with a simple display that will certainly make it easier for us. Support video recording up to QHD and FullHD.

Download : AZ Screen Recorder

3. Screen Recorder No Ads

Screen Recorder No Ads

If you are looking for an ad-free screen recorder application that is completely free, then Screen Recorder – No Ads is the answer to your search.

I applaud this application, Screen Recorder – No Ads is completely free without ads where even though it is free but has complete features such as being able to take screenshots while recording, recording faces while recording (facecam), insert text and logo images.

Download : Screen Recorder – No Ads

4. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder

I also recommend ADV Screen Recorder for Xiaomi users, because this application is quite light and also not inferior when it comes to features.

You can use the front or rear camera as a facecam. In fact we can also insert text as we want, want to insert banners too. Even without root it can run smoothly.

Download : ADV Screen Recorder

5. Game Screen Recorder

Game Screen Recorder

Especially for those of you who want to be a gaming YouTuber, you can try Game Screen Recorder to record your cellphone screen while playing games. This application will automatically detect the games on your Xiaomi smartphone.

It uses at least Android Lollipop to run, and no root is required. This application also supports pause while you are recording. Nice isn’t it?

Download : Game Screen Recorder

What about friends, already know the recommended Xaiomi screen recorder application and can be used without root? So now, what’s your choice?