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How to get rid of ads on Samsung cellphones, use these 7 ways!

The appearance of advertisements on the smartphone screen when we open a certain site or application may no longer be something foreign to smartphone users. Considering that advertising itself is one of the promotions that utilizes digital media.

How to get rid of ads on Samsung phones

This is natural, but what if the ads appear continuously? Not only annoying, but also making you wasteful of quota, right?

Including for Samsung users who also complain about ads that appear even though they are not opening certain sites.

Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of ads on Samsung phones, which will be discussed below:

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For those of you who are using Samsung phones and are having trouble with annoying ads, you can try some of the ways below to get rid of ads:

1. Download the AdClear App

AdClear App

One way to get rid of ads on smartphones is to use the Adclear application. This application is not only used for Samsung phones. You can download this application for free through the Google Play Store.

Adclear itself is an application that functions to block ads while you are browsing or using other applications that have the potential to be inserted with ads.

2. Perform cleaning with Antivirus Application

Antivirus App

There are many antivirus applications that you can download on the Google Play Store. Usually with this application you can also clean the cache that has accumulated on your Samsung cellphone.

If you download files from public sites, there is a possibility that your cellphone could be attacked by malware or dangerous viruses that are inserted in the file you downloaded. So do a thorough scan using an antivirus application.

3. Delete Third Party Applications Outside Play Store

Maybe you’ve been looking for an app that wasn’t found on the Play Store? Like chat applications that have been customized by other parties, for example.

If you find your Samsung cellphone has a lot of ads after that, then it’s better for you to delete all installed applications outside the Google Play Store. Because applications outside the Google Play Store are very vulnerable to being ridden by malware or viruses.

4. Check for Suspicious Running Apps

Running Apps

Try checking the settings and selecting the application management option. Then look at the running applications. If you find an unknown application running on your Samsung cellphone then stop it immediately and uninstall it.

Sometimes we don’t think to periodically check what applications are running and make the cellphone experience problems.

5. Try Turning On Airplane Mode

Activate Airplane Mode

The easiest way when you will enjoy applications without a connection is to activate airplane mode. So that your cellphone is not connected to the network, then no ads will appear.

6. Use Browser Applications with Adblock Features

There are several browsing applications that are created with the adblock feature or ad blocker. The applications that you usually encounter are UCbrowser and Operamini.

With this application you will be helped automatically when browsing so as not to be disturbed by advertisements. But still less fast with Google Chrome.

7. Reset Your Gadget Back to Factory Settings

Reset Samsung

If after using some of the methods above but your Samsung cellphone is still showing ads, then the last solution is to reset your cellphone to factory settings.

Don’t forget to move your important files to a PC or laptop to back up data. This method will restore your phone like a new phone.

Well, maybe those are some ways you can do to get rid of annoying ads on Samsung phones. Good luck, I hope this information helps.