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Succeed! How to Fix Blur Android Front Camera

Troubled Camera? Here’s How to Fix Blur Android Front Camera – The camera is one of the most influential specifications in buying and selling Android. No wonder someone is willing to buy an expensive Android just to get the best picture results.

How to Fix Blur Android Front Camera

Usually brands of cellphones with good front camera capabilities are Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo where they are often sought after by users who like selfies because the quality of the photos produced is very good and clear.

Unfortunately, no matter how good it is, it still can’t beat the quality of DSLR camera shots. Over time, Android cameras often experience a decrease in quality, one of which is blurry.

But, now you don’t have to worry anymore because there is already a way to fix the following blurry Android front camera.

Causes of Blurry Android Front Camera and How to Fix It

Camera Lens Covered in Dirt

In some cases, users often do not pay attention to the storage of their cellphones. As a result, placing the phone carelessly will trigger dust ingress to the device. This can lead to poor photo results from the Android front and rear camera.

Camera Lens Covered in Dirt

This condition is due to some dust sticking to the lens so the photo is blurry. This blurry condition usually only affects part of the lens.

To overcome the blurry problem because of the dirt, the way to fix it is by using cleaning lens. This cleaning can be done with the help of a tissue or a softer cotton so as not to scratch the lens.

In addition, to make it more optimal, pour eucalyptus oil on the cotton. Do not use too much eucalyptus oil so as not to leave marks on the lens.

Scratched Lens

Have you ever swiped your phone on the floor? If you have, of course, your cellphone has also experienced scratches on the lens. Phones that are not equipped with soft case or hard case very prone to scratches on the lens.

Scratched Lens

Especially if the user often swipes or slides his cellphone on an uneven floor. This can actually trigger blurring of the lens due to scratches on the outer layer of the lens.

If the photo is blurry due to scratching the lens, there are several ways to improve it.

  • First, cell phone owners can use the help of toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on a tissue, cotton or cotton bad enough.
  • Then rub it on the front of the Android lens until the scratches disappear.
  • Make sure to rub in a circle and in the same direction.

Another way that can be done is by using Vaseline or an eraser. In fact, you can also clean scratches on the lens by using a damp cloth dipped in 70% alcohol mixed with water.

Foggy Lens

Another problem that can cause the camera lens on Android to be blurry is because the lens is fogged. This usually happens because the phone is used for photos in the water, accidentally exposed to water or exposed to rain.

Well, because this dew is located inside the lens, of course it is not easy to get rid of it just with the help of cotton or a dry cloth.

Foggy Lens

An easy way to deal with blurry camera lenses due to fog is to apply hot or warm temperatures around the lens. It is intended to evaporate the dew so that the photos are no longer blurry.

This heating process can be done with the help of hair dryer. However, its use is enough for 3-5 seconds and should not be too close to the lens, just hit the Android grille.

In addition to these methods, foggy lenses can be overcome by using silica gel. Generally, silica gel is always given when buying wallets, bags, water bottles and shoes. Well, silica gel is actually used to keep conditions dry.

For that, its properties can be used to remove dew on the camera. You just need to put silica gel around the Android front camera lens.

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Well, those were some ways to fix a blurry Android front camera due to scratches, dew or dirt. Good luck.