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5 Complete Shipping Check Applications for All Expeditions (JNE, J&T, Tiki, etc.)

Application Check Postage

5 Applications for All Expedition Postage Checks (JNE, J&T, Tiki, etc.) – It is undeniable, that the logistics or expedition business is the most profitable opportunity. Especially in facilitating online shopping sites.

For those of you who like to shop online or have an online store, of course knowing the shipping costs is a must. Therefore, in order to make shopping considerations more mature, here are 5 applications for checking shipping costs for all expeditions (JNE, J&T, Tiki, etc.) that can be used as references.

List of 5 Best All Expedition Postage Check Applications

1. My JNE


JNE is one of the most popular parcel delivery services in Indonesia. In fact, they also provide a variety of service options that can be determined according to needs.

To check shipping costs via JNE, you can use the help of the official application from JNE, namely My JNE. Not only check postage, users can also track the location of the package through this application.

2. J&T Express

J&T Express

Besides JNE, the most widely used expedition service in Indonesia is J&T Express. Although relatively new, this service has significant development and can reach all regions in Indonesia. To find out how much it costs to send a package via J&T, see the J&T Express Indonesia application.

Not only seeing postage and package locations, users can also search for lists Drop Points nearest through this application. In fact, the online contact feature will also make it easier for you to send packages so you don’t have to rewrite them if you have already sent them to the same recipient.

3. Zuragan Qirim

Zuragan Qirim

If you often use various types of expeditions, you can try using the J&T, JNE, Wahan, Lion, Tiki, and POS applications. Different from the previous two applications, this application is universal and can be used to view the shipping costs of several expeditions.

Shipping information is also very clear according to the type of service for each expedition. This Zuragan Qirim application can also track the package positions of all these services.

4. King of Ongkir

King of Ongkir

The Raja Ongkir application can also be used to find out the cost of sending packages within and between cities from various expeditions. The expeditions that can be checked through this application are Tiki, Ninja, POS, Wahana, Lion, JNE, SLIS, Expedito, SiCepat, Pahala, Star Cargo and J&T. Interestingly, this application can be operated in an offline state.

5. Check Receipt and Postage

Check Receipt and Postage

Other all expedition postage check applications that can be used are Check Receipts and Postage. This application allows users to see the amount of shipping costs using JNE, POS, J&T Express, Wahana, Ninja Express, SiCepat, Lazada Express and EMS POS Indonesia expedition services.

Not only that, you can also check international shipping costs for Worldwide Express Logistics (LWE) and China Post expeditions.

In addition, this application can also be used to track the whereabouts of the package through the receipt number. In fact, the receipt number will also be stored so that when checking again there is no need to re-type the receipt number.

Interestingly, here are also features barcode scanner so that it will be easier to enter the receipt number when tracking. You also don’t have to worry about typos.

So, those were 5 postage check applications for all expeditions that can be used as a guide to find out the cost of sending packages. Apart from the application, you can also look through the official website of each expedition or postage check site. May be useful.