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How to Enter XL Voucher for Internet Quota Refill

How to Enter XL Voucher

It’s easy to enter an XL voucher, you just have to rub the part on the card, then enter a few digits along with the XL code and then close it with the fence symbol ‘#’.

On the voucher paper, sometimes there is also a tutorial on how to enter an XL voucher, but still some don’t understand.
For that, see all the explanations regarding the following XL vouchers.

What are XL Vouchers?

An XL voucher is a card that contains digits containing a certain code that is different from one another. There are 2 types of XL vouchers, namely credit vouchers and quota vouchers.

How many digits are there in the XL Voucher?

After you rub the black part until you see a number, a row of 16 digits will appear. Whether it’s a quota voucher or a credit voucher, they all contain 16 digits.
So don’t let any numbers be left behind.

What is the Dial Up Code to Enter the XL Quota Voucher?

Because the XL voucher can only be entered via the dial up menu, you cannot use the application, you need the following dial up code: *123*(fill in the voucher)#

In addition to the code above, if you are a user of the XL Combo Lite internet package, the dial up code used is: *123*234*2*(fill in the voucher)#

Before entering the voucher, first know what XL voucher you are using.

How to Enter XL Voucher (Toll and Quota)?

The method is very, very easy.

  1. Rub the XL voucher carefully
  2. Open the dial up menu on your phone
  3. Then type the code above, *123*(voucher code)# or use this code if you are an XL Combo Lite voucher user *123*234*2*(voucher code)#
    No need for brackets, because it’s just an example, and don’t add spaces.
    *123*1234567891234567# or *123*234*2*1234567890123456#
  4. Then click the call button. If there are 2 Abda sims, then click the call containing the XL card or the number you want to fill in. For example, if you are on Sim 1, then click on the call that is on Sim 1
  5. Wait a moment, your quota voucher or credit will be processed immediately. A notification will be sent via SMS when the voucher can be used

How to enter the XL voucher is finished here. Easy isn’t it?

How to Overcome XL Voucher Cannot Enter?

If you experience this problem, then try to pay attention to the 16-digit voucher number again. Usually it fails to enter because of a typo, or the voucher you used has already been used.

However, apart from these trivial problems, XL users, especially XL Combo Lite data package users, often experience problems with XL quota vouchers not being able to enter even though the numbers entered are correct. How to solve it? And what is the reason that makes the XL Combo Lite quota voucher unable to enter?

Before that, know first that the XL Combo Lite is different from other XL quota packages. Apart from being distinguished by its service which is known to be cheaper, XL Combo Lite can also not be used arbitrarily by XL numbers.

So, if the XL voucher can’t be entered, there are 2 reasons:

  • Because you are no longer registered with the XL Combo Lite internet package

When you enter a voucher even though you are no longer active in the package, the voucher cannot be entered. For a solution, you can call 817 with your mobile number, or contact the existing call center.

But if it’s too complicated, you can register a number into the XL Combo Lite package as a new number. aka re-register.

  • Your card or number cannot be used to use the XL Combo Lite package

One of the drawbacks of XL Combo Lite is that not all cards can be used to use the package. So if you enter or send an XL voucher to a certain number but it doesn’t work, it means that the number cannot be filled with the XL Combo Lite package.

It’s quite tricky to figure out how the Xl Combo Lite is. If you want to understand it better, you can find out for yourself about more in-depth information about the XL Combo Lite.

That’s the easy, newest and most complete way to enter an XL voucher into a cellphone. Don’t make it complicated, just rub it, then enter the digits listed on the voucher.