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How to Delete MiChat/Lite Account (All Data)

How to Delete MiChat Account

How to delete a MiChat account or the lite version is quite complicated to do. This chat application does not provide an account delete feature such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or other social media accounts. At most stuck you can only log out of the account.

MiChat itself is a chat application that works almost like a matchmaking application (Tinder), with the help of a feature to find other MiChat users in your closest distance. Then after that you can send that person a random message.

Much like Tinder, users can chat with strangers even if they don’t have your number. This will annoy us as users who only want to use the chat feature in it.

The features that MiChat has may be interesting, but behind it there are some unpleasant things going on. And maybe this is the reason why you want to delete your MiChat account permanently.

Dangers of MiChat Apps

Many have strong reasons for deleting this social media account for the following reasons of some of the dangers of the MiChat application:

  • MiChat is used as a place for para prostitute try himself
  • There are frequent incidents of prostitution in that place
  • You will be bullied by other users randomly
  • Privacy disturbed
  • And worst of all, you are seduced by naughty users there

By logout just not enough. Because your personal data will be left in it. It’s best if you delete the account permanently.

To delete your own MiChat account, there are 2 ways you can do it.

Because we are not provided with an official feature to delete the MiChat application, therefore we will make our own way.

How to Delete MiChat Account by Faking Data

If it cannot be deleted, then the way we can do is falsify the existing data. Here’s how to delete a michat account:

How to Permanently Delete MiChat Account
  1. Open the MiChat application and delete all chat history that you have done on MiChat. This method aims to erase all your digital traces on MiChat
  2. Go to the main menu then click the tab ‘Me
  3. Then replace your profile photo with another photo or leave it blank. So that other users are not interested, just enter pictures of animals
  4. Also change other personal data such as gender, MiChat ID, hobbies, region, about you and others. Fake all data, create the opposite of you
  5. Return to the main menu, then go to the tab ‘Moment
  6. Then delete all photos, videos, covers and others. Don’t let anything be left behind
  7. After your identity has been erased, it’s time for you to prevent your profile from being discovered by others
  8. Go to tab ‘Me‘ again and click menu ‘Privacy
  9. Turn off option ‘Find Me by MiChat ID‘ and ‘Find Me by Phone Number‘.
  10. After that you can log out from the account, then safely remove the MiChat app from your phone

This way of deleting MiChat account can help you not to be found by other users. This is better than just logging out and deleting the app.

How to Delete a MiChat Account by Asking CS for Help

This method can’t work 100%, but you can try it who knows if it works.
You can simply apply for account deletion to the MiChat email address: [email protected]

It’s quite difficult to make this application, because here you have to include the reasons why you want to delete the account, compose your own application letter and choose to use language that they can easily understand in this case. English.

After you make a letter requesting account deletion, you can directly send it to the email above.

Don’t expect too much by deleting this MiChat account, because MiChat rarely replies to email messages.

Safe Tips Using MiChat

Actually, from the start, this application will ask for a mobile number as initial verification to use MiChat. We recommend using a cellphone number that is not used often just in case if there is a problem we can throw it away at any time.

Don’t honestly enter your personal data if an app is known to perform poorly. If it is already done, as soon as possible, please change all your personal data, starting from your profile photo, date of birth, residential address and all matters relating to your personal data.