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How to View Old Tweets on Your Own / Other People's Twitter

How to View Old Tweets on Twitter

Maybe you want to reminisce or feel bored with other people’s tweets (idols?) last year or several years ago. It turns out that there is a way to view old tweets that is very simple, and easy to do.

Actually you can see someone’s old tweets by scrolling down which is a manual way of viewing old people’s posts in a tedious way.

Scrolling down is not an effective way, apart from being afraid that our thumbs will get tired, Twitter also limits the display of posts that can appear on the timeline to a maximum of 3,200 tweets.

So if your tweet is more than 3,200, you can’t see other tweets that are more than 3,200.

How to Quickly View Old Tweets of Yours or Others

How to View Old Tweets on Twitter

How to View Old Tweets with Twitter Search Code

There is a specific code that you can use to view old tweets made by you or someone else’s Twitter account.

  • Open your Twitter app then enter the search menu
  • Then use the following search code so that the results are more filtered:

from:username keyword

Or it could be fengan from:username keyword since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

Example of code usage:

from:BTSTHandsome Taehyung


from:BTSTHandsome Taehyung since:2005-02-01 until:2022-04-01

  • After you write in the search field, click enter to start the search engine to find old tweets from that account

How to View Old Tweets with Twitter Advanced Search

Search Advanced Twitter is a very real way of getting results through searching on Twitter. You can search for hashtags, terms, accounts or links.

Using Twitter’s Search Advanced, you can filter your search more to get ‘fit’ results.

Here you can filter user tweets, date, language, account type, tweet type and filter tweets based on the number of retweets.

Check out the following method:

  1. Visit Twitter’s Search Advanced site at this link
  2. Fill in all available data which includes Words, Language, Accounts, Filters, Links, Engagements, and Dates
  3. Make sure all data is filled in correctly so that the search results match
  4. After all the data is filled in according to your search, just click ‘Search’
  5. The search engine will filter certain tweets according to the data you fill in above

How to View Old Tweets with Twitter Archive

This method is more suitable for opening old tweets from your own account. Because this method can only work if you know the username and password of the account. So it is more suitable if you do it to open your own tweet.

Here’s how:

  • This method can be done through the Twitter application or website. The method is the same, first login to your account
  • Go to the settings menu, then select ‘Account’ and select ‘Your Twitter data’
  • If you have entered the Twitter data, immediately download the Twitter data by entering the Twitter password
  • Click the ‘Confirm’ button, after that Twitter will send you Twitter Archive data sent via email registered to the account
  • Immediately check the email, then try to trace the tweets of your old Twitter account

How to View Old Tweets with AllMyTweets

AllMyTweets will help you to see your old tweets and other users. This method may be similar to how to view old Tweets through an archive, except that you don’t need to know the username and password of another account. And AllMyTweets will send the tweet directly there, not via your Email. So more concise.

The drawback is that you have to scroll down to the bottom. Because the tweets that appear later are not the filtered ones, but all tweets from the account you are looking for will be visible.

Here’s how:

  • Go to in your browser
  • Log into the site using your Twitter account
  • Click the Tweet button, and you can see the old tweets your account has created
  • If you want to see other people’s tweets, just change the username of the account
  • Then click the Tweets . button
  • The site will display hundreds if not thousands of tweets of the account user you are looking for