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How to Delete Permanent and Temporary OVO Accounts

How to Delete OVO Account

How to delete an ovo account permanently or temporarily? Let’s find out here, this article contains a guide on how to deactivate an ovo account for users who want to stop using the payment application for both Tokopedia and Grab.

Ovo is one of the most popular e-wallet applications for young people and adults alike. Not without reason, this application is popular because it provides many promos, especially on cashback.

But don’t think that we will be given “changed money” in the form of real money, because the cashback offered by OVO is in the form of points where we can use it for digital transactions.

That’s what makes many people interested in using OVO. Especially now that ovo has become the official payment tool for Tokopedia, where users can get various discounts for certain items.

However, it is not uncommon for users to want to close their account or delete their ovo account for several reasons. Besides the reason for forgetting the ovo security code, another reason is because of the dependence to continue to use the ovo paylater.

How to Delete a Temporary OVO Account

How to Delete a Temporary OVO Account

This method aims to temporarily deactivate the ovo account for an indefinite period of time. When the user wants to reuse, they can log in at any time while still using the same ovo number.

  1. Entered into Arrangement
  2. Choose Application Manager
  3. Search app OVO
  4. Choose Clear data
  5. Then Delete all data
  6. Done

After that, if you have decided not to use ovo for a long time, please delete the ovo application from your cellphone.

How to Permanently Delete OVO Account

How to Permanently Delete OVO Account

Because there is no feature to permanently delete an ovo account or the term close the account, then we have to do it manually by contacting ovo customer service, here’s how:

Please send email to [email protected] with email subject “Close OVO Accountand explain why you want to permanently delete your ovo account, for example about the problem with the leaking of your Tokopedia account which could affect your OVO account or your personal reasons for wanting to delete it.

If that’s the reason regarding the security features of the ovo application, please also attach a screenshot of the evidence attached to the file attachment.

Include the ovo account cellphone number used along with the registered email.

Don’t forget to also upload a photo of the ID that matches your ovo account, this is so that ovo is absolutely sure that the decision was asked by the right person.

Ovo will deactivate the account in a maximum of 7 working days.

When it’s finished, you will get an email from cs ovo with a statement that the account was successfully deleted. And if you want to reactivate you have to re-register like the beginning and upgrade ovo premiere like at the beginning to enjoy the money transfer feature.

Tips: In order for the deactivation process to be successful and fast, make sure you send an email from the email you registered in the OVO application. That way, Ovo will easily verify your account.

When we first registered for an ovo account, we certainly still remember the ovo reference code where when we successfully invite friends to register using our cellphone number, then we will get bonus ovo points as well as our friends.

But it’s a shame because even if you have deactivated your ovo account now the trick can no longer be used because the validity period has expired.

Well, hopefully the tutorial above can help those of you who want to permanently delete your Ovo account. Hopefully useful and good luck.