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How to Download KineMaster on a Laptop with/Without an Emulator

How to Download KineMaster on Laptop

This time we will discuss about how to download KineMaster on a laptop and run it with or without an emulator. It all depends on what kind of method the user wants to use, let’s see until the end.

If we talk about the best video editing application on Android, surely the one that comes to our mind first is KineMaster. Even at the time this article was written, the application occupied the top position in the category of best-selling video player and editor on the Play Store.

It’s not without reason that it has become as popular as it is today, with the capabilities and features it offers, it certainly makes users interested in trying it.

Supported by the many photo editing tutorials that we can find on Youtube, it will make it easier in the process of learning to edit videos from beginners to professionals.

As we know that there are two versions of the application from KineMaster, namely free and paid. In the free version it can be used for light video editing and also includes many features such as video cutter and joiner.

Whereas in the Pro version, we will get all the features in the free version with more complete support and effects and features.

For light editing needs, it might be better to use the free version, because the Pro version has to pay a monthly subscription fee. It’s just that one drawback in the free version is that there is a watermark.

But you don’t need to worry, because that can be overcome by removing the watermark in KineMaster.

Back to the topic that we will discuss this time, how to download KineMaster on a laptop? There are two options where you want to use an emulator or without an emulator.

How to Download KineMaster on Laptop

How to Install KineMaster on a Laptop/PC with an Emulator

Because the first way we will use the emulator, the first thing to do is, of course, we have to download the KineMaster apk first to the laptop.

Please download via the download button above, this is the PRO version where you will no longer find the watermark in it. In addition, this application has been modified, so users do not need to pay a monthly subscription fee, aka FREE.

Next step please download NoxPlayer which we will make as Android emulator on PC. Why NoxPlayer? Because according to my experience, Nox is one of the lightest Android emulators at the moment.

Install Nox to completion, and please run.

After Nox is open, now select Add APK File.

how to install kinemaster on pc with nox player

Look for the KineMaster Apk that was downloaded earlier.

how to install kinemaster on pc with nox player

Wait until the KineMaster installation process on Nox is complete.

Now you can run KineMaster on PC.

how to install kinemaster on pc with nox player

Now you can use KineMaster on PC with the help of Nox Player. Just open the app, select the video you want to edit and save it when you’re done.

How to show videos in KineMaster Nox Player?

how to show videos in KineMaster Nox Player

Many users have complained about not being able to insert videos into KineMaster in Nox Player. This is because the user does not enable root access on Nox and also gives permission for the folder to be accessed.

Generally the Nox Player sharing folder on a PC is on disk C\Users\PC-NAME\Nox_Share\Image

But if you want to know more about how to add videos in KineMaster to Nox Player, please read the article on How to Add Videos to KineMaster in Nox Player.

Some of the advantages of using KineMaster on Nox PC:

  • Users can freely take advantage of all the menus such as inserting videos / images and editing layers with a larger screen.
  • Because it uses a device that is larger than a smartphone, it automatically performs better and is lighter.
  • The ability in terms of rendering is increased by the presence of a large graphics card and ram.

So with all the advantages above, how can we not feel at home editing videos on a laptop with Kinemaster?

How to Run KineMaster on a Laptop Without an Emulator

If you don’t like using emulators because of heavy or other reasons, there’s no need to worry because KineMaster can also run smoothly on Laptops with the screen mirroring method.

What is a screen mirror? Is an activity where we will display the cellphone screen to the laptop screen. So everything we do on the cellphone will appear exactly the same on the laptop screen.

There are many screen mirroring applications that we can use, both free and paid, of course, all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Connect Display

Connect Display

For Windows 10 users, you don’t need to install third-party applications to display the screen from your cellphone to your laptop or computer.

Because on the latest operating system made by Windows, there is already a Connect Display feature that can be used by all users.

You simply connect the cellphone to the same network as the network that the laptop uses. After that, open the connect display feature and activate it on the cellphone.

Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror

There is also an application called Screen Mirror where this application allows users to see the Android screen display on a laptop or PC. This application is very easy to use and even for beginners.

  • First, download the Screen Mirror application on the Play Store.
    Activate thetering / hotspot hp.
  • Connect your laptop to the wifi hotspot on the cellphone that was activated earlier.
  • Visit the Screen Mirror site with a laptop using Chrome.
  • The site will display the barcode.
  • Please open the application on your cellphone and scan the barcode.

Since we are visiting the site, make sure your internet connection is active.


Vysor is a Chrome extension that can function to display the cellphone screen to a laptop or PC. Because it is in the form of an extension, so you don’t need to install it on a laptop, just install it in the Chrome browser.

Here are the steps:

  • Enable USB Debugging on the cellphone.
  • Download Vysor on play store.
  • Now open chrome.
  • Install the Vysor extension and run it.
  • Just connect the cellphone with a USB cable.
  • Done.

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Those are some ways to download Kinemaster on a laptop and run it on a PC. If I had to choose, I myself would recommend using Nox Player because it’s lighter and doesn’t require an internet connection.