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4 Ways to Check Simpati Loop Quota (All Telkomsel)

How to Check Simpati Loop Quota

Telkomsel has several types of cards, namely Halo Card, Simpati, Loop, As and By U. Each card has its own advantages, such as the Telkomsel Loop card which is famous for its more affordable price than the Halo card. Suitable for use by young people from the age of 12 to 19 years.

Previously Loop was a package with Simpati cards, but now they are separated. But anyway, we will tell you a tutorial on how to check Simpati Loop quota and other Telkomsel cards.

The method is very easy, Telkomsel also has an application or website that you can use. There are many options for checking Telkomsel quota, here’s how:

How to Check Simpati Loop Quota and Other Telkomsel Cards

You know, even though the Simpati, Loop and As cards are different, the method of checking quota is still the same. For all types of Telkomsel cards, we can check the quota in the following way.

How to Check Simpati Quota, Loop and As Via Dial Up Menu

If you do it via menu dial, then you need the right combination of codes:

  • Check Telkomsel 4G internet quota: *363# / *888*3*2#
  • Check Telkomsel call quota: *888*10#
  • Check Telkomsel SMS quota: *888*3*4#
  • Check VideoMax quota: *888*3*5#
  • Check Telkomsel Simpati credit: *888#
  • Check the active period of Telkomsel card: *888#

After knowing the code, all you have to do is write it on the dial menu, then call.

How to Check Simpati, Loop and As Quota through My Telkomsel Application

First download the My Telkomsel application on the Playstore or App Store.

  • Enter the My Telkomsel application by entering the Telkomsel mobile number at that time
  • Telkomsel will send a verification code. Enter the code to open the app
  • After you have successfully logged in, the application dashboard will display various information on your remaining Telkomsel card quota, VideoMax quota, phone quota, remaining credit and others.

This method can be used to check Simpati Loop and As quota more easily without entering any codes. Just open the My Telkomsel application again if you want to check it.

But to access the application, you need a quota.

How to Check Simpati Quota, Loop and As Via

Open the Telkomsel website at

  • Enter your mobile number
  • Enter the verification code that Telkomsel sent to the number you entered earlier
  • And the method is the same as using the My Telkomsel application. The information presented is also complete: internet quota, telephone quota, credit and other information

The method is similar to that in the My Telkomsel application, only here you don’t need to download the application. It is enough to open the site in a browser.

How to Check Simpati Card Quota, Loop and As Via SMS

To check quota via SMS, there is no charge or free. So we really make sure this method will not eat up your credit.

To check your quota via SMS, type the following code so that Telkomsel can process your request.

There are two ways to check quota:

Method 1: Type SMS: UL (space) INFO. Then send the SMS to 3636

Method 2: Type SMS: Flash (space) infov2. Then send to 3636

There is another way to check Simpati’s quota, namely by calling Telkomsel’s customer service or using email. But that way is too complicated.

There are only 4 ways to check your Simpati Loop and As card quota. The method above must have been enough to help you check the remaining quota.