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Free Download and How to Use

PDF Binder

Want to combine multiple pdf files into one? Just use the free PDF Binder app for Windows. I just found out that there is such an application that makes it easier for us to make one pdf file later.

Sometimes we certainly need the convenience of combining several pdf files into one to make it more concise. Especially for office workers who struggle with pdf files and computers every day.

Luckily today, there are many supporting software that can be used to support human activities, including at work, one of which is a pdf binder.

What is PDF Binder?

PDF Binder is an application to combine several pdf files into one (merge) so that it can make the process of copying files between devices faster.

In addition to having quite complete features, this application also has large files that are not so heavy and can even run smoothly on various Windows OS.

This software is free without requiring you to buy a license. It’s just that there are some shortcomings in this application, namely there is no longer an update to the latest version. And also currently only supports windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista operating systems. And it can’t run on Android and also Mac OS.

Given that there are still many Windows 7 and 8 users in Indonesia. So there’s nothing wrong here, Bungdus will provide a tutorial on how to use PDF Binder easily.

I’m sure all of you can use this useful software, because it has a simple interface so it doesn’t confuse users to combine separate files such as the results of scanned ID cards and documents so that they become a complete file, just press the button. bind.

Download PDF Binder

Download pdf binders

If you search on Google, you will not find the official website of this application because initially it was a project that was only developed by individuals.

If you are a Windows user, please choose the one with the .msi extension so that it can be installed immediately. The size of this application is only about 1 MB, so you don’t have to worry about burdening your device’s performance.

How to Use PDF Binder

For ordinary users, it may be confusing even though they have installed it, here we provide a guide on how to use the correct pdf binder:

1. Please install it on your PC / Laptop.

2. Run the application, and select several pdf files that you want to combine by pressing the Add file button…

How to Use PDF Binder

3. If everything is done, press the button bind!

4. After that you will be asked where to save the result file later, so don’t forget the location of the file to be saved, so you don’t get confused

5. Done

Notes: You can add as many pdf files as you want, because there is no information about the pdf limit that must be entered.

All your pdf files have become one very quickly and easily. I think this software is more practical than using an online pdf merge site, because the process can be done directly on our computers and does not require an internet connection to do it, aka offline.

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You need to know that in this tutorial I’m using Windows 10 for the test. So good news for users of the new OS because the above application can be run on the latest version of Windows at this time.

That’s the download link for the pdf binder and how to use it, hopefully this tutorial is useful and don’t forget to share it with others. Thank you.