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10 Ways to Fix an HP Battery that Runs Out Fast

How to Fix an HP Battery that Runs Out Fast

Android users often complain about why the cellphone battery runs out quickly, here we will share how to fix it, of course with personal experience and additional tips from smartphone experts.

The battery is the most important part of a gadget because it is the only source of energy to be able to turn on the device. There are two types of batteries that we know, namely non-removable batteries and removable batteries, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

According to my personal experience, I prefer to use a built-in battery compared to a removable battery, because its durability is better maintained and it doesn’t bloat quickly, let alone drop like a loose battery. Especially for the latest cellphones, it is now rare to issue cellphones with loose batteries.

But that’s not what we’re going to discuss right now, it’s more about how to fix an Android cellphone battery that runs out quickly. Usually, cellphones whose batteries run out quickly are used for gaming, streaming YouTube, downloading and other activities that require large amounts of power.

Here are some tips that you can do for how to deal with cellphone batteries that run out quickly on Android:

1. Find Out What Apps Are Draining Power

On Android smartphones we can see what applications consume the most battery. You can find this feature by going to Arrangement > Battery > Power usage. The apps that consume the most battery will be sorted from the top to the bottom.

Power usage

Please check on your smartphone, then see what applications appear at the top? If you like playing games, maybe what will appear are Free Fire, Mobile Legends, AOV, PUBG, Life After and several other online games.

Or if you are fond of playing social media, maybe you will find applications such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and WhatsApp.

If you find out what application is causing the battery drain, please reduce the use of the application or if it is no longer needed, please delete it.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

If we refer to the screenshot that I have attached above, we can see that the screen usage on the battery is quite a lot. This is because the screen light also requires a lot of power, especially if we often use smartphones for a long time.

To overcome this, you should use the smallest mode of screen brightness, if I myself usually will set it automatically, so when it’s dark the screen will dim itself and when it’s in a bright place the screen will brighten itself. You can find this setting in the screen brightness settings.

3. Activate Power Saving Mode

The Power Saving Mode feature serves to disable some features that are not too important so that they can save battery usage. Every phone has this feature which is useful when the battery percentage is below 20 or 10%.

This feature will turn on automatically, but for users who experience battery waste on their cellphones, they can also take advantage of the power saving feature to turn off certain functions on the smartphone so as to minimize the occurrence of excessive power consumption.

4. Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS when not in use

Features such as Bluetooth, Wifi and especially GPS also play an important role in battery usage. For example, when we use GPS to view maps while traveling, of course these activities require an internet data package and also GPS, both of which require a large amount of power.

So when the phone is not in use, you should disable all these features in order to reduce power usage.

5. Turn off Vibrate Phone

Did you know that when the phone vibrates there is a motor (dynamo) that rotates inside it? The dynamo will rotate if we activate the vibration in the cellphone. Indeed, this power usage will not enter the list of any applications that drain power.

Turn Off Vibrate Phone

If it’s not really important, you should disable this feature. To disable it you can go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Disable vibrate.

6. Enable Airplane Mode When There’s No Signal

When the signal is busy, the cell phone will try to keep looking for a network, this will usually be experienced by users in rural areas who lack a signal. Just try to see, phones with less network will experience a more wasteful battery than usual, especially if the phone is dual sim.

If you feel that your phone is always hot and your phone’s battery runs out quickly, you can take advantage of the Airplane Mode feature to disable the cellular network on your phone.

7. Turn off Auto Update Play Store

Auto Update Play Store

If you frequently install a lot of apps on the Play Store, then you should try to see if the apps update themselves frequently? If so, then there are settings that you must change so that these applications do not auto-update.

Usually this feature will be active only when we use a wifi connection, for internet connection with a sim card there will be no problem. But if you use a wifi connection at home, you should disable the Play Store auto update feature with the steps below:

  1. Enter Play Store
  2. Press the menu in the upper left corner
  3. Choose Settings
  4. Then select Don’t update apps automatically

8. Turn off Auto Sync

The Auto Sync feature is on every Android smartphone. This feature is useful for synchronizing from your device to Google’s cloud storage. Synchronized data includes photos, contact data, emails and especially data regarding the Google account owned by the user including passwords.

In his duties he requires an internet connection in order to function properly, so from that please just disable it if this feature is not too important for the user.

9. Use Standard Theme

Standard Theme

Default or standard themes are indeed more recommended than you use third-party themes that have various effects such as live wallpapers or animated icons that move. These activities require even greater battery power because they must turn on the elements needed.

Smartphones that we buy certainly have a variety of default themes that are no less interesting, please choose according to taste.

10. Restart Mobile

Mobile phones that experience rapid battery drain are usually caused by some recently installed applications, should you try to remember what applications were recently installed?

If the application is proven to be consuming quite a lot of battery, please delete it and then restart your cellphone. Restart or Reboot does not mean factory reset, this is different and we have discussed in this blog.

Those are some tips on how to fix a cellphone battery that runs out quickly, hopefully these tips are useful and don’t forget to put it into practice right away.