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Can I Transfer OVO Points to OVO Cash? Here's How

Many of these questions have been asked by OVO users, is it possible to transfer ovo points to ovo cash? Maybe they think ovo points and ovo cash are the same, but they are very different.

Ovo cash is the balance obtained from the results of top up accounts where this can be done via bank transfers, mobile banking, debit cards, Alfamart and merchants who have collaborated with OVO.

While ovo points are points that are obtained from cashback when buying an item at Tokopedia or other places where to get it, certain requirements are usually required.

Can OVO Points be Transferred to OVO Cash?

The answer is NO! It’s very clear it can’t, because the two are not placed in the same place or the way to get it is also different.

It’s easy like this, if we get ovo cash from the top up (from our money) so we can spend it to buy anything including clothes, credit, pln bills, fans and others. And the most important thing is that it can be transferred to other OVO users and to our own bank accounts.

Meanwhile, ovo points are the result of cashback promos or events, so they must be re-spent at Tokopedia or places that have collaborated with OVO. Do you understand?

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How to Transfer Ovo Points to Ovo Cash

Even though the two have different functions, with several alternatives, we can now transfer ovo points to ovo cash. Of course, by using the help of a third party, you can read more about it below.

Convert to Credit, then Convert to Ovo Cash

  1. Before that, make sure you have an adequate ovo point balance.
  2. Then use the ovo point balance to buy credit.
  3. Then look for a credit converting service and ask if they can withdraw credit to ovo cash?
  4. If so, please continue the transaction and follow the instructions given.
  5. Done.

Of course this service is not free, we have to give fee on transactions that have been made. Usually the credit convert will cut the balance or reduce the amount of money they will transfer to us. But you don’t need to worry, because the balance that is being deducted is not much and it’s only a percentage.

Cash out with

Cheepulsa is a 24-hour non-stop online top up service that supports many payment methods such as bank transfers, ovo cash, ovo points, shopee pay, Alfamart and Indomaret.

In order to be able to pay with ovo points, we must first login. If you don’t have an account, please register by filling in your name, username, cellphone number, email and password.

After successfully registering, please return to Cheepulsa and verify via email or cellphone number that has been registered. A verification code will usually be sent to an email, you just need to click on it.

The next step,

I assume you have successfully entered, then we make a deposit at that place, look for the Deposit menu, enter the amount you want to deposit (adjust to ovo point) and select the payment method with OVO Point, press Deposit.

how to move ovo points to ovo cash

Here I enter a deposit of Rp. 50,000 as a trial, and it is written beside it that the balance to be entered is Rp. 45,000. This means that the fee we have to pay is IDR 50,000 automatically deducted from the ovo points we pay.

how to change ovo points to ovo cash on tokopedia

Please complete your payment process, and wait for the balance to enter.

If the balance has been entered, now we can withdraw it to OVO Cash in the following way:

  1. Login to
  2. Select menu Other then select Digital Wallet.
  3. Enter the number and select OVO.
  4. Choose the payment method using Account Balance because there is already a balance in our account earlier.
  5. Select Pay and then enter the password.
  6. Done.

Wait until the transaction process is complete, and the ovo cash balance will be sent to your ovo number. You can also withdraw to other methods such as to a bank account. So you don’t have to worry about transferring from ovo cash to the bank again if you really want to use the money for offline purposes.

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Using SiFast Click

Most of us are probably already familiar with SiCepat, which is an expedition or delivery man who we usually buy online and have it delivered to our homes.

But did you know that SiCepat also now has Bot Payments on WhatsApp?

Through this bot, we can track receipts via WA chat, and what’s even more interesting is the existence of digital product services such as e-money top up menus using ovo cash.

how to transfer ovo points to Tokopedia balance

The steps for transferring ovo points to ovo cash are as follows:

  1. First, please save your SiCepat number first. Click (Click Here)
  2. Chat by typing FAST.
  3. Choose number 3 PPOB Digital Products.
  4. Then select the number 3 Contents of eMoney.
  5. Select the type of eMoney, select the number 3 OVO.
  6. There will be many nominal choices, please choose the one you want, of course it must be sufficient for the number of Ovo points you have.
  7. Next enter ovo number you, and choose 1 YES.
  8. Choose a payment method 3. OVO.
  9. Insert OVO number and the payment process will take approximately 30 seconds.
  10. Done.

Notes: If the number of ovo points is less than the nominal available, you can cut the existing ovo cash. For example, the product we choose is 21,000 and our ovo point balance is 15 thousand, so for the 6 thousand we can deduct it from ovo cash. Please follow the instructions provided by SiCepat.

Update: Many users have complained that they cannot use the payment method with OVO. The solution, you can top up your SiCepat balance first using OVO Points.


There are now so many ways to transfer ovo points to ovo cash. Because now there are many services available as a third intermediary to do so. The easiest thing in my opinion is to convert to credit first and then convert to money.

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This method is quite simple and safe, we only need to look for a trusted credit converting service or service on the internet or on Facebook. Just make sure to choose a trusted service, don’t get tricked. Because currently there are so many cases of online fraud carried out on several social media such as Facebook and Instagram.