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Beautify Android with these 5 Lightest Launchers

Talking about the sophistication of Android will never end. In addition to making it easier for users to work and meet their needs, Android also gives users the freedom to be able to change the appearance of the device as they wish.

Not only changing the theme or wallpaper to make it look cooler, you can also change the appearance to resemble an iPhone or PC using a launcher. Well, for those who are looking for the lightest launcher, here’s the list.

5 Lightest Launcher with Attractive Appearance

1. CM Launcher 3D 5.0

The most popular and very light launcher application is CM Launcher 3D 5.0. This application is in great demand because it provides a variety of cool and interesting themes. In this application, users are provided with more than 10,000 3D, 2D, background and themes for contacts that can be selected according to their individual tastes and characters. In addition, there are also 3D dimensional animation effects with smooth and classy transitions.

The advantage of this application is that there is an application lock facility to protect or hide private applications so that they are not opened by others. This feature is highly recommended for use on chat or social media accounts to avoid hackers or ignorant friends.

2. Windows Launcher

If you want to use windows mobile, installing the Windows Launcher application on your device is the most appropriate choice. This application will later make Android devices have the exact same appearance as Windows 10. Apart from the appearance, the device settings are also the same as in Windows 10.

In fact, the icon for each setting or file manager is also no difference at all. The advantage of using this application is that it is very easy to create folders, users only need to drag files into folders like on a PC.

In addition, the device also has a recycle bin feature so you don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting one or more important files. This application is very light with a size of 5 MB with fast performance.

3. iLauncher X ios11 Theme for iPhone X

In addition to changing the appearance to resemble a window, you can also make Android like an iPhone X with the help of the iLauncher X ios 11 Theme for iPhone X application. This application will make the device have the exact same user interface as the iPhone X starting from the home screen display, themes, status bar as well as tools. In fact, each application also has the same icon as ios.

The advantage of the lightest launcher application with a size of 5 MB is that it has a quick menu feature to open frequently used applications. In addition, it is also equipped with a smart boost to maintain stability and improve device performance.

4. XOS – Launcher,Theme,Wallpaper

You will not only get a launcher, but also cool themes and wallpapers for free that will make your cellphone look cooler. An OSX-style display that will make your smartphone even more luxurious with the existing theme materials.

Equipped with a variety of complete features in it such as app icons, icon sizes, wallpapers and a large collection of themes that you can find in certain categories.

5. Evie Launcher

If you want an elegant, simple and luxurious look, you can try this launcher. Evie Launcher offers several features that make it easy for users to access various applications just by swiping the screen.

You can also customize the theme used, there is also an icon pack that you can change whenever you want.

Evie Launcher is touted as the best launcher without ads to date. Besides being lightweight, Evie Launcher is also no less full of features. Even in 2022 this launcher was included in the category of the 15 best launchers in the Android Authority version.

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Well, those were some of the lightest launcher applications that you can choose to make Android cooler and different from the others. Additional tips for those of you who want to use a launcher without ads, don’t activate internet data on your phone, Good luck finding the best launcher.