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5 Most Powerful Wi-Fi Hacking Apps Without Root on Android

In this era of smartphones, the internet seems to have become a basic need for most of its users. Without an internet connection, smartphone users may miss information and cannot communicate smoothly.

Using an internet connection from Wi-Fi is one way to save on data plans on your cellphone. But unfortunately, not all Wi-Fi can be accessed in general alias in the password. Therefore you need to know the following 5 Wi-Fi password cracking applications without root:

5 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps Without Root on Android

1. WiFi Master Key – by

More than 100 million users are already using this rootless Wi-Fi hacking app. What’s so great about this app? WiFi Master Key will find shared WiFi access points for you with one blue key indication.

Safe and easy, you can entrust your internet connection with this application. Comes with various languages, so this application is not only popular in Indonesia. Unfortunately for WiFi connections with a high level of security, this application will not work.

2. WiFi Password

You can also use this application to find WiFi connections for free. This app works by searching and finding WiFi hotspots around you. The developer of this application claims to have provided a fast, safe and reliable free WiFi network.

Other features in this application include connecting WiFi, sharing WiFi and security detection. This application has received a pretty good response from users and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

3. WiFi Key: Unlocked Password & Free

Another Wi-Fi hacking app without root is WiFi Key. Just like the previous apps, this app also offers a feature to find someone else’s locked WiFi connection. To use this application is quite easy.

You need to activate this app first on your phone. The app will automatically search for locked WiFi. If you have found it, you just have to choose unlock WiFi to open the internet connection without entering any password.

This application is not an illegal hacker application so it is safe to use without knowing your identity.

4. WiFi Map – Free Passwords & Free Hotspot

With this application you can find access to a free WiFi internet connection. Some of the features offered by this application include automatically connecting to WiFi, free hotspots from various countries, WiFi passwords and tips, map navigation, smart search and many other interesting features.

How to use it, download and install this app on your phone. The app works by searching for WiFi hotspots around you and automatically connects right away. It’s easy isn’t it?

5. WiFi Password Recovery

This is the fifth app that you can use as a Wi-Fi hacking app without root. This application works by recovering the WLAN password that was previously connected to the device that we have.

So this application is also reliable for those of you who are often connected to a lot of locked WiFi but forget the password. Take advantage of this application to save your internet quota. Easy and safe, this application is recommended for use.

Those are 5 Wi-Fi hacking apps without root that you can use. No need to worry, because the applications above are legal applications that do not violate the law so they are safe to use.

For those of you who are interested, even now you can try it directly by downloading it on the play store.