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5 Android Convex Camera Applications with Cool Effects (Fisheye)

In recent years, the world of photography has been overwhelmed with the latest technology to make images more interesting from different angles. The resulting image resembles the illusion of an object. The image results are also more able to show 3D shapes.

To be able to produce these images, we need to use an SLR camera, GoPro or with the help of a lens Eye Fish which can be attached to the Android camera. However, along with the advancement of the technology world, programmers have developed a convex camera application so that they can produce cool shots with only Android.

5 Best and Most Popular Convex Camera Apps for Android

Fisheye Lens Pro

Fisheye Lens pro is the most favorite convex camera application among the people. Most teenagers who are still in puberty use this application to make posts on their social media accounts more artistic. In fact, this app is always at the top of the list on the Google Play Store.

This application allows users to take pictures using a convex camera so that they are able to capture objects with a wider area and produce three-dimensional and larger visuals than usual.

In this application, users are provided with 8 choices of fisheye lens models with 28 layouts. In addition, this application also offers a filter facility with 90 color choices to beautify the shots. This application is very light (5.7 MB) and compatible for all types of Android.

Cameringo Lite – Camera Filters

Another convex camera application that can be used to get unique images from a different perspective is Cameringo Lite – Camera Filters. This application made by Perraco Labs is able to produce images equivalent to the results of SLR camera shots.

In addition to fisheye filters, this application also offers other filter features to create lomography, hipster, stenographic to retro effects. In fact, users can also adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure levels to get the best picture.

Through this application users can also make slow motion videos. In addition to having a small size of 4.4 Mb, another advantage of this application is that it is free from ads which are rarely owned by free applications.

FishEyeVideo Free

Another application that should not be missed for producing three-dimensional images through a convex lens is FishEyeVideo Free. Application developed by Yubin Chen This provides a feature for taking pictures with fisheye models diagonally or circularly through the Android camera.

This application provides a variety of really cool movie effects, ranging from mono, negative, solar and classic effects. Users of this application often use classic effects that reflect the warm atmosphere of the past.

Not only can it be used to take pictures (photos), this application also supports making (recording) videos with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

InstaFishEye for Instagram

This application is specifically for Instagram users who want to exist more when uploading photos on the rising social media. The effects produced with instafisheye are no less cool than similar applications.

There are several effects such as sepia, rusti, polaroid, paper, dreams, film and many more. This application made by Wise Shark Software has been downloaded millions of times by people, and has received a 3.8 rating from its users. If you want to try, you can directly download it for free right now on the play store.

Retro Camera Effects

If you want fisheye-style photos, you can directly download and open this Retro Camera Effects camera. The effects that are presented are also no less interesting than other convex camera applications, contemporary, cool and not tight.

How to use it is also very easy, you just open this application then style as you can and snap, then your photo will automatically become convex. Not inferior to the results of the good camera b612 really.

Well, that was brief information regarding the convex camera application that can be used as an option to produce professional-style shots via Android.

For better results, of course, you can check the price of a real fisheye camera directly, but if you just want to take selfies, just use the 5 applications above, the results are no less interesting.