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9 Characteristics of Broken Android Power IC, Cause + Replacement Fee

Characteristics of broken Android Power IC

Android phones have a variety of components that are neatly installed with their respective functions and types. One of the most important components is the IC.

There are many types of IC (Integrated Circuit) with different functions. Examples are Power ICs, Charger ICs, Audio ICs, PA ICs, Bluetooth ICs and others.

Without all the components above, a smartphone cannot operate smoothly and optimally.

Of course, each component has its own role and function, such as to operate bluetooth, wifi, audio, signal and other features.

However, what we will discuss this time is only the Power IC, regarding the causes of why it is damaged and the characteristics of the Android Power IC is damaged.

Because this type of component is one of the components that is prone to damage, especially since users do not understand the charging process on Android.

But before that, let’s first know the meaning and function of IC Power.

What is the Function of the Power IC?

Functions of IC Power

IC is a component consisting of a combination of millions of transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors which are integrated into an electronic circuit in a small package. Each IC has a function that varies, depending on the type of IC.

The function of the IC Power itself is to distribute the power voltage to other components so that the HP comes alive. The power voltage is sent from the HP screen, signals and other ICs.

So this Power IC is the most important IC and the prefix IC that is able to make other ICs work.

What Causes Broken Power IC?

Cause IC Power Damage

If the Power IC or the power button on your cellphone is damaged, then your cellphone will die. Sometimes, even when charging, the screen does not appear when the battery is charging.

There are several causes that make IC Power damaged:

  • Your HP is too old so the components are weakened too. Old here the time is already used more than 5 years.
  • Too often charge the old cellphone even though the battery is full. An example of this is when we charge our cellphones overnight.
  • HP is often in hot conditions so it affects the components.
  • HP components exposed to water. Make no mistake, being exposed to water too often can corrode an HP that is not waterproof.
  • Frequently connecting HP to speaker devices.

As for the characteristics of a broken Android Power IC that you can watch out for so that it can be repaired immediately.

9 Characteristics of Broken Android Power IC

Power IC can be repaired or replaced with a new IC. If your Power IC is really damaged, you can fix it. So don’t worry.

Here are the characteristics of a broken Power IC on Android that you need to know:

  1. HP cannot be turned on, HP is completely dead and does not display a vibrating signal or response.
  2. The cellphone cannot be charged, even when it is plugged into electricity the screen does not display the information it is charging.
  3. After completing the charger, as long as you charge the cellphone it cannot be fully charged.
  4. When the cellphone is charged, it emits a hot temperature.
  5. If checked with the Power Supply, the Power IC has absolutely no voltage or cannot work properly.
  6. The follow-up signal is problematic, starting from an unstable signal, a lost signal or an unreadable SIM card on the cellphone.
  7. HP often turns itself off (if the problem is not too acute).
  8. When making calls or checking the phone it always fails. In addition, the cellphone can suddenly turn off when making a call or receiving a call
  9. Battery discharge becomes wasteful.

On several types of smartphones, be it Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Samsung, the characteristics may be slightly different. Especially on refurbished cellphones, the possibility of damage is also very large.

But the most common of course as mentioned above. So if your cellphone is experiencing one of the problems as above, it is certain that the HP power ic is damaged.

Can IC Power Be Repaired?

Of course, I canyou just need to go to the nearest smartphone service center and ask how much it costs to replace the Android power ic.

Usually the amount of fees charged depends on the level of difficulty and the type of cellphone used.

However, if your smartphone is still under warranty, you should exchange it for a new one through the official store in your city.

Because the faulty power ic is one of the factors of the machine and not the fault of the user.

It’s different again if you intentionally damage it, such as charging it with a device that is not the default charger from the cellphone.

Immediately repair the IC Power by taking it to a repairman. The cost varies depending on the series.

How much does it cost to replace IC power?

IC Power Replacement Fee

There are prices for IC Power replacement components from 10 thousand to 100 thousand, or 200 thousand to 600 thousand if the problem is serious.

By taking it to a repairman, the damaged component will be replaced immediately.

Tips for bringing it to the counter so you don’t get hit by an unreasonable price, before you fix it you should ask the estimated cost.

Because there are some repairmen who charge unreasonable prices when the cellphone has been repaired, and like it or not, we have to pay for it, right?

Those are the characteristics of a broken Android Power IC and the causes that you may need.