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5 Brewok (Beard) Photo Editing Apps for Android

Beard App

Want to edit photos as if you have beards or beards with Android? Of course you can, especially now that there are many applications for this effect.

With this free and accessible beard app for Android you can add beards and mustaches without waiting for them to grow.

The edits are more realistic, and you can choose various beard styles according to your wishes.

Whether you want a Hollywood style beard, Bollywood style, Arabic style, you can find a wide selection of beard styles in this application.

If you see on Instagram photos with cool, handsome sideburns, they’re not all genuine.

Some of them do use special effects or filters to create them.

With the application, of course we are more flexible in choosing the style of the beard, because usually there will be many options in the application that we can use.

5 Best Beard Apps for Android

In the following applications, you can find various styles of mustache and beard and various colors. There are also additional hairstyles, this is the right application for the Adams to download.

1. Beard Man

Beard Man

To use this application is very easy, you just select the photo you want to edit from the gallery, select the available beard and mustache, use multitouch to resize the beard to fit the face and finally you can change the color of the beard if you want.


  • There are more than 40 beard styles to choose from.
  • You can also change the hairstyle: long hair, short hair, messy hair, curly hair and others.
  • There are more than 30 hair dyes for beard, mustache or hair.
  • There are other stickers to make your style even cooler: hats, glasses.

There are a lot of beard styles that you can choose at will.

Not only beards, you can even choose the hairstyle you like and color it as you wish.

2. Beard Photo Editor

Beard Photo Editor

One of the advantages of this application is that you can still edit photos even if your head is not directly facing the camera.

There is a special feature that can read the position of your head so that the sticker can later adjust the photo. Not a photo that adjusts the sticker.


  • Automatically checks our head position.
  • Able to manage various men’s styles in any perspective.
  • The beard stickers can be combined perfectly, so it doesn’t look edited because he can adjust his own head pose, lighting conditions, coloring and so on.
  • There are 45+ male beard style trends available.

This application is very suitable for beginners who do not really understand the photo mode or in adjusting the position of the face.

3. Beard Photo Editor

Beard Photo Editor

This beard application for Android is also good, it’s just that this application cannot automatically follow the contours of our faces.

Even so, the results still look original, and there are many choices of beards, whether it’s thin, thick or medium beards.


  • There are many variations of beard, mustache, color and size models, all of which are in the catalog, just click on it to use the beard style.
  • Over 100+ beard styles.
  • Other stickers are available: crowns, sixpack stickers, hairstyles, boys, tattoos, and girls stickers to add in the photo.
  • More complete photo editor: splash, crop, brightness, saturation, effects, text, opacity and more.

When viewed on Google Play itself, this application has pretty good reviews and is recommended to try.

4. Man Photo Editor

Man Photo Editor

Almost with this application to be a cool man you don’t need to buy new clothes, no need to go to a salon, no need to go to the gym. Everything is just an application modal.

You can edit not only beards, ABS and fashion with the Man Photo Editor application.


  • This app can edit hairstyles, mustaches, beards, suits, glasses, hats and tattoos.
  • There are more than 200+ different stickers: 70+ tattoo stickers, 20+ hats, 20+ suits, 30+ glasses, 30 hair colors and 20+ picture effects.
  • You can get 8 packs of ABS instantly.

In addition to getting a lot of beard styles, you can also give a tattoo on your body, just choose the right one and use it right away.

Also you can change the shape of the stomach into a six pack even though the original is distended.

But with this editor application, you can do that very easily. Want to try?

5. FaceApp


FaceApp doesn’t focus on beard editing, but in this most evil and real photo editing app it has beard and mustache features in it.

FaceApp will automatically detect photos taken to be older than their original age.

So, for example, if you are 20 now, what will this application look like when you are 50 and over?

Therefore, this is actually not a beard application but rather just want to know how our faces will look in the next 30 years (although not 100% accurate).

You can try it whenever you want because it’s free.


  • There’s the perfect beard and mustache in a Hollywood style that’s perfect for you.
  • Apart from that, there are many other interesting features such as: selfie with different gender, change hair color, change age, add tattoos, and a wide selection of the best filters.
  • You can selfie with different backgrounds.

Do you like the manual method? You can use the PicSay Pro application and use the raw file to combine your sideburns with your face.

And those are 5 beard applications for Android with more real edits. Which application will you use? Also write your experience when using it in the comments.