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5 Applications for VideoMAX Quota Take advantage of the package until it runs out

As one of the largest credit providers in Indonesia, Telkomsel is the only operator that provides a special package for streaming video, namely the VideoMax package. This package allows users to access official channels without having to subscribe.

In the past, this videomax package was integrated with the flash package. However, along with the increasing popularity of this package, Telkomsel also provides videomax special package.

However, the thing you need to know is that this video quota package can only be used on certain applications. The applications for the videomax package are as follows.

5 Applications for Telkomsel VideoMAX Packages

How to register a videomax package is also very easy, you just need to dial *363# from your telkomsel then select the internet entertainment package. There will be several options such as VideoMax, GigaMax, Musicmax and Gamesmax.

The price also varies from IDR 10,000 to IDR 85,000 with each active period of 30 days. Is it fun? You can watch your favorite movies for one month without having to subscribe to the application itself.

1. Viu

For Korean drama lovers, of course, you are already familiar with the VIU application. This application is a favorite K-drama lovers because it provides a large list of Korean dramas of all time with Indonesian subtitles.

Viu is an application that can be run through the videomax package. Apart from Korean dramas, users can also watch other Asian films, including Japanese, Indonesian and Bollywood films.

2. Hooq

The application for another Videomax package, namely HOOQ, which is dubbed as the world’s gateway to unlimited entertainment. Through this application, users can enjoy all films from all over the world, from local films, box office films to blockbuster films.

In fact, users can enjoy Hollywood movies in the same viewing hours as their original locations in America.

3. Catchplay

Catchplay is also one of the free streaming channels using the videomax package. Using this application is like having a private cinema that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Users can watch local and international films that have been shown in cinemas. So, with this application you don’t have to worry anymore if you don’t have time to watch movies in theaters.

4. Nickelodeon Play

Who hasn’t watched the SpongeBob movie in their childhood? There isn’t. Almost all small children have watched. In fact, not infrequently also until adulthood still like this funny character.

Well, if you have a videomax data package, you can really stream funny episodes from the SpongeBob movie.

In fact, in this application there are also funny games around the world of Nickelodeon. In addition, users can also stream other cartoons such as Ninja Turtles, Avatar, Alvin and the Chipmunks and other fun animations.

5. Tribe

Another application that also provides free access without the need for a subscription if you are already using the videomax package is Tribe. Through this application, you can watch local films of various genres for free without the need to go to the cinema.

In addition, this application also provides a large list of ongoing and complete Korean dramas that are currently popular in the community. In fact, users can also stream Hollywood series.

Some users even take advantage of videomax quota for free internet with certain applications so that the quota is not wasted. There are many applications to do this such as http injector, anonytun, kpn tunnel and many more that we did not fully embed in this article.

We can also change the videomax quota to a regular quota with a VPN application, you know? CLICK HERE to read how.

So, those were some applications for the videomax package that can be used to watch legal videos without having to subscribe. Well, for those of you who have the videomax package, hurry up and download the application instead of being idle.