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5 Ways to Unlock Forgotten Oppo HP Patterns (All Types)

How to Unlock Oppo HP Pattern

Securing your cellphone with the help of a pattern password is something that is easy to crack. To overcome this, people usually create more complicated password patterns, but unfortunately the risk of users forgetting the pattern is greater. When you feel like you forgot the password pattern, then you will definitely need the following way to open the Oppo HP pattern.

You can also use this method for how to open someone else’s oppo pattern if you want to help. Or just for fun, you want to peek at the contents of other people’s cellphones, but don’t use the delete data method so that important data is not deleted.

These tips apply to various types of Oppo HP series: Oppo A1K, Oppo A37, Oppo A5s, Oppo A3s, A71, A57 and other Oppo series.

Here is a collection of ways to unlock your forgotten password pattern.

How to Open an Oppo HP Pattern with the Forgot Password Method

This method will work by associating the Google email account that is linked to your phone. An internet network is required to run this method.

Don’t worry, even if the phone is locked, you can still activate data by pulling the window down. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. After the internet network is active (wifi or cellular data), click the forgot password option at the bottom of the pattern lock
  2. If it doesn’t appear, try entering 5 wrong pattern combinations
  3. After that, you are taken to connect with the Google account attached to your Oppo phone
  4. After logging into the account, you are asked to enter a new pattern or change your password. Enter a new pattern
  5. After changing, enter the main screen again and enter the pattern correctly

How to Unlock Oppo HP Pattern with Factory Reset Method

The disadvantage of using this method is that your data will be lost, because later we have to clear the cache or the settings that govern HP Oppp requiring you to fill in a pattern or password when opening the cellphone.

Here are the steps on how to unlock the Oppo HP pattern with a factory reset:

  1. Turn off your phone by pressing the power button
  2. After turning off, press the volume down button and power button together for a few moments
  3. When the Oppo logo appears on the screen, release the button. You are currently in the old Factory Reset
  4. Scroll through the options by pressing the volume button, and click the power button to click it
  5. Select the wipe data menu and cache twice with the power button. Confirm the process by selecting ‘Yes’
  6. If you are confused with the language, you can use the language you are fluent in

How to Unlock the Oppo HP Pattern with the Google Find My Device Feature

Just like Factory Reset, this method will delete the data stored on your phone. By deleting these data, password settings can be removed. This method is usually used by people when dealing with the problem of a stolen cellphone, or a lost cellphone by erasing the traces on the cellphone.

Here’s how.

  1. Open a browser on another cellphone or computer. Then go to the page at this link
  2. Sign in to the Google account you use to connect to your Oppo phone
  3. After you log in, a map will appear where your phone is located, the network used, and the percentage of battery remaining
  4. Underneath there are also 3 options, namely ‘Play Sound’, ‘Secure Device’ and ‘Erase Device’
  5. Click the ‘Erase Device’ option
  6. Delete all the data that is there, and your phone will be erased all its data as well as the password pattern rules

In fact, this method is also often used to track a lost Oppo cellphone.

How to Unlock Oppo HP Pattern with Google Account Login

  1. The first step, please enter any Pattern/PIN/Password 5 times until the Forgot Pattern/PIN option appears
  2. Then sign in with the Google account installed on the Oppo phone
  3. Backup PIN to unlock it
  4. If you have successfully logged in, please delete your pattern, PIN or password

How to Unlock Oppo HP Pattern with Calls

  1. First call our number on the Oppo cellphone, which forgot the pattern using a friend’s cellphone
  2. Then immediately press forgot password when there is an incoming call, press the Home button to go to Settings. Then activate internet data
  3. Sign in to Google Account as before
  4. Done

Of these five ways, which do you think is the most appropriate? If you can, use the way to open the Oppo HP pattern without deleting the data inside. When data is deleted, you cannot restore it. Moreover, you have not backed up it.