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How to Overcome VIU Can't be Opened on HP and Laptop

How to Overcome VIU Can't Open

When we hear the word VIU, we immediately imagine the spectacle and various kinds of exciting Korean drama entertainment. Because that’s the way it is, this application has a variety of the latest updated Asian dramas that can be accessed easily.

VIU provides streaming services with a multicasing system which means that it has a duration of time difference that is not far from the shows aired by Korean TV. You can enjoy K-Drama shows with Indonesian subtitles through this VIU application.

Not infrequently also subscribe to VIU Premium to get complete video access and features without ads. Usually users also connect VIU to smart TVs, laptops, and computers. Because one premium viu account can be used by a maximum of 5 devices.

There are some issues that appear like users can’t open the viu app on their device. This of course makes us upset, and the cause could be from various factors such as internet problems or from the application itself.

Why can’t VIU be opened?

The problem with the viu application cannot be opened can be caused by a problematic internet connection, expired applications, incompatible devices and others. If the problem is on the network, you can try to solve it by using another connection such as wifi or hotspot from another device.

How to Overcome VIU Can’t Open

Reboot/Restart Device

Reboot or what is commonly known as a restart is the basic solution for any device that is experiencing an error. No exception for VIU, this method can also be used when your VIU application experiences errors such as not opening, expired applications, and various other problems with cellphones.

Restart is the activity of turning the device off and on again, so it doesn’t mean it will erase all the data on our phone. In contrast to wipe data or factory reset where we often do to delete all data in the phone memory.

Both your iPhone, Android, Laptop and Smart TV devices can restart easily.

Check Internet Connection / Data

If you are a quota user, always make sure that your internet quota is still available. Because VIU itself requires quite a lot of quota to display the content in it. Video quality and high resolution make the application wasteful of quota, especially when used for hours.

The best practice is to use a wifi network, because it is considered more stable and also has more speed than a GSM connection.

Clear Cache and VIU Data

VIU applications that are often used will generate junk files (cache) that accumulate on our phones. It could be that the file is the cause, to solve this you just have to go to Arrangement > Application Management > then search VIU app and select Clear Cache and Clear Data. This method is also usually done to eliminate premium on VIU, because all data will be deleted and we have to login or create a new VIU account again.

VIU Updates

One solution to overcome the viu application that cannot be opened is to update the application. Out of date apps have a lot of problems and are usually not compatible with newer devices. So please update the application via the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Delete VIU App and Install Again

If all the methods above have been done but have not worked, the last way you can try is to delete the VIU application on your cellphone and install it with a new one.

For Android, you only need to press the icon on the screen and then navigate to the trash can image to uninstall it. And re-download the VIU application via the Play Store or you can also download the VIU Premium APK file.

I’m sure by doing one of the ways above the VIU application will open again. This has indeed happened several times, and if it still can’t be opened, it means that the VIU application is undergoing repairs from the server, so please wait until the repair is complete.