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5 Best Android PS3 Emulators, Free Download Links

PS3 Android Emulator

PS3 Android emulator helps us to play PS3 games with Android phones. So there’s no need to bother buying an expensive PS3 console, because with just Android we can play PS3 games.

When the PS3 was on the air, it was known to have technology cell processor which makes floating point operations more optimal. In this regard, there are also the best games that use PS3 as their release platform.

Examples of these games: GTA V, The Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 2: Among Thief and others.

The popularity of these games is unquestionable, if you want to play all those games with your current device, here is the PS3 Emulator for your Android phone.

5 Best and Lightest PS3 Android Emulators

So that the emulator runs lightly, don’t play on a potato cellphone or with low specifications. The goal is so that the cellphone doesn’t lag in holding the PS3 game graphics that are super stunning.



This emulator is better known as an emulator for PSP console games only, but actually it can also be used for PS3 games. Although sometimes it lags a bit, but if your phone is not a potato, this emulator can still run well.

PPSSPP emulator is quite stable to run especially with the correct PPSSPP settings, they have a premium and free version. Even so, the premium version doesn’t have much difference with the free one. You can support the developer by buying the premium version.

Download PPSSPP

PS3 Emulator for Android

PS3 Emulator for Android

With the specifications of HP Ram 2 GB, you can already play PSP games on this emulator quite smoothly. So that the application can be used, you must set the BIOS file in the application.

First of all, download the PS3 Emulator for Android application (not available on Playstore), then look for the BIOS file in the application.

When PS3 Emulator for Android has been downloaded, the application cannot be opened, you must load the BIOS file first. Go to the ‘Download’ file, usually the BIOS file is there.

The BIOS file has the file name SCPH10001.BIN
Load the file, then open your Android PS3 Emulator.

Gloud Games PS3 Android

Gloud Games PS3 Android

This emulator does not require HP specs, what is important and the main thing is a smooth internet connection. He has a simple interface, the only requirement to play it is to register using an email account. After registering, you can play PS3 games to your heart’s content.

It’s just that this application is premium, so it costs money to use it. But it doesn’t matter, because for new users there are free credits / coins that can be used to play PS3 games in it.

You can find the Gloud Games PS3 emulator on the Play Store and App Store. Happy downloading.

Download Gloud Games PS3 Android



He simulated a Sony Playtation game into the computer. To use it is also very easy, just install the application and follow the steps.

Since RPCS3 is a cross-platform transformation, it may not work very well even if your device has high specs.

But in the latest version, there are now many improvements to it, especially since this application supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

Download RPCS3

ESX PS3 Emulator

ESX PS3 Emulator

Again this Emulator for Android is not available on Playstore. It’s quite rarely used, but the fact that it can be used as a PS3 Emulator on an Android phone can’t just be forgotten.

Besides PS3, Dubo Emulator can bridge PS1 and PS2 platform games. They have quite a lot of customization of settings along with basic features like customizing controls, saving, loading games and more.

Download ESX PS3 Emulator

Those are some of the Android PS3 Emulators that we recommend because of their fairly stable performance, light enough and easy to operate.