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7 Best Blur Photo Editing Apps With Bokeh Effects on Android

Photography with auto-focus or bokeh effects has recently become very popular with young people today. Many are willing to spend millions just to buy a sophisticated camera.

But for those who have mediocre money, don’t be discouraged. The reason is that now there are many photo editor applications on smartphones, especially for Android devices that can create bokeh effects. Curious, what are the applications?

Various Photo Editor Applications With Bokeh Effects on Android

After Focus

In this application there are two modes that you can choose which part you want to blur or focus on. You can choose both of these modes with just the touch of a finger. And you can also choose the part you want to blur or focus on.

Blur Image-DSLR Focus Effect

This android photo editor application is very easy to use without requiring large storage capacity. Blur-Image can select the part to be blurred manually. So you can retrieve the object that is obscured as you wish. After the photo is edited, you can also directly share it on social media!

Lens Blur

This application was created to create a blur or bokeh effect like a professional. With a blurred background, your photos will look focused and ready to be posted to Instagram. The method is also quite easy, you just need to press on which object you want to focus on. Then this application automatically works.

Blur Camera : Square Photo Blur

If you want a photo editor that can not only create bokeh, this application is the answer. This application made by Lolo Apps, besides being able to be used for bokeh effects, you can also give filters and funny effects found in the Blur Camera application tools: Square Photo Blur. Besides that, you can also add text!

Point Blur

It is a blur camera application that can also be used to edit bokeh effect photos. There are many best features in this application, namely, blur and pixilation, zoom in, zoom out, rotate objects, and you can also upload them directly to social media.

This application can only be used on newer versions of Android devices. So make sure your android device has been upgraded to a new version.

Insta Square Pic

This application is widely used by Instagram users. With Insta Square, you can create cool bokeh photo effects and of course make your photos Instagramable.

After editing, your photos can be directly uploaded on Instagram or other social media. In addition to the bokeh or blur effect, another feature found in Insta Square is that you can combine several photos into one.

Blur Image Background

This bokeh photo editor application is among the best! Blur Image Background can be used to create a blur effect while shooting. In addition, this application can also restore photos that have been given a blur effect!

In addition, you can also edit via the phone gallery as well. Amazingly, this application has been downloaded by more than 50 million users! Want to try it too?

Then, of the many blur photo editing applications above, which one do you like the most?