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5 Best Photo Editing Apps on Android

It seems trivial, but it turns out that photo editing applications with text have many benefits. Especially for those of you who like to make memes on social media.

Applications like this are also useful if we want to add a watermark to a photo as a form of copyright. Here are some photo editing applications with the best writing on Android that you can use.

5 Photo Editing Apps with Text for Android

1. Textgram – Write on Photos

For those of you who like to make memes or quotes containing aphorisms, you can use this application to write text on photos/images.

This application can add writings with special effects. You can write text in any color you want.

2. Phonto – Text on Photos

The Phonto application comes with a simple interface but has very complete features for creating images typography cool in the photo. Its use is also very easy, you just need to insert the photo that will be added to the application.

You can be creative with the various tools provided, ranging from font type, size, color, shawdow, spacing, stroke and others. More than 200 types of text fonts are available in this app.

3. PicLab – Photo Editor

Actually this application is a photo editing application, but it is also often used to add text to photos. There are many cool fonts available in this application with editing tools that make the text on your photos more professional.

Unfortunately, some of the fonts in this application require users to pay, only some of which can be used for free.

4. Font Studio

Now you no longer need to use PC help to add text on photos. Because this application also offers a feature to write on photos/images.

Application created by ClickLab Technology It has a wide selection of fonts and text colors. In addition, you can also add a background to the photo you edit with the Font Studio application.

5. Text On Pictures – Photo Write

It also includes other apps that you can use to add text on photos with cool fonts. In this application, there are also various greeting stickers such as “Happy Birthday”, “Sorry”, “Love” and many others.

You can also use this application to create words of poetry, pearls of wisdom or any expression that you want to put in an article. The easy sharing feature of this application is suitable for users who like to upload posts on social media.

Those are 5 photo editing applications with text that you can use on Android phones. Don’t worry, you can download and install all of the above applications for free. Which one do you prefer?