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Make Selfie Photos Cooler with These 5 Beautiful Camera Apps

Sweet Selfie

In addition to RAM, the camera is one of the specifications that are most often considered when buying a cellphone. The reason is, the better the camera resolution that Android has, the better the image quality you get.

In order to satisfy camera addicts, nowadays there are also many beautiful camera applications that can give certain effects to photos so that they look more attractive. Well, for those of you who like photos, here’s a list of applications and reviews.

5 Beautiful Camera Applications with Satisfying Shots

1. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie is one of the favorite applications for teenagers to get interesting selfie photos. This application allows users to automatically provide filters to produce the best and prettiest images.

Sweet Selfie

Through this application, users are also provided with various additional effects in the form of stickers, text, emojis and tools for making photo collages. Another advantage of this application is that there are tools to remove acne, so users don’t have to hesitate to take selfies even though the facial conditions are not supportive (acne).

Fyi, this application is at the top of the Google Play Store, so it doesn’t hurt to try it.

2. Meitu – Beautiful Selfie, Interesting Editing, Sketch Robot

For anime lovers, it’s really recommended to try the Meitu application – Beautiful Selfies, Interesting Edits, Sketch Robots. In addition to producing beautiful photos with automatic polishing effects, this application can also be used to make your photos resemble cartoon characters with one touch using the tools. ArtBot.


In addition, this 45 MB sized application also has face and body slimming tools so that your posture will look more attractive. In fact, this application also provides a choice of anime cams that make photos more unique.

3. BeautyPlus

Who is not familiar with the BeautyPlus application? This application is widely used by young women as a mainstay camera for selfies because it provides extraordinary visual effects.


As a beautiful camera application, this application made by Meitu will automatically provide a touch of skin-smooting and blemish remover so that the photos will look fresher, smoother and of course there are no pimples or blemishes at all.

The latest feature of this application is AnimeCam which allows users to change their face to be cuter with a touch of anime cat or Rudolf effects.

4. B612

B612 is one of the best beautiful photo applications that has been circulating and used since 2014. This application guarantees its users to get the best, most beautiful and charming photos. In this application, users are provided with more than 1500 stickers that can be added to photos.


In addition, this 59.61 MB application also provides many interesting filters that users can choose according to the object of the photo. Not only beautifying selfie photos, this application also supports use on the main camera.

5. Candy Camera – Beauty Camera, Photo Editor

Another application that can also be used as an option to get the best photos is Candy Camera. In addition to providing automatic filters to beautify the user’s selfie photos, this application also provides a variety of interesting photo editing features such as adding stickers.

Candy Camera

Skin smoothing (removing blemishes and acne), giving a touch of color and reducing the size of the face. In addition, the advantage of this application is that the user can enlarge the size of the eye as desired.

Well, that was the list of beautiful camera applications and a few reviews that can be used as a reference in choosing the best camera to produce the most interesting photos.