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How To Convert Video To MP3 With These 5 Cool Apps

Some people who often record performances or important moments that can be listened to like songs, of course, will think about turning the video into a cool song in the form of mp3.

How To Convert Video To MP3 With These 5 Cool Apps

The conversion is nothing but the conversion of video files into audio files. Luckily for smartphone users, there are many applications that convert videos into mp3 songs that can be obtained for free on the Play Store and App Store.

For those who want to try, here are some ways to convert videos to mp3 with the following 5 best applications.

1. Using VLC Media Player

Who would have thought that the video player on a laptop or computer that is often used can actually be used to convert video files into MP3.

Various videos of any format can be converted with this one application. For how to convert videos to MP3 with VLC media player, the first step is of course to open the application.

Then click on the Media section then click Convert/Save or it can also be done by pressing the button Ctrl+R.

Next click Add to add the video file you want to convert and click Convert/Save.

Make sure to select the MP3 Audio profile if you want to convert the desired video into an MP3 file.

2. Using Movavi

In addition to using VLC, the Movavi application can also be used as an alternative to convert video files to mp3.


The method is,

  • Install and open the Movavi application then click on the Add Media section.
  • By clicking Add Media, PC users are free to choose which videos they want to convert to MP3.
  • After selecting the media, click on the Audio tab and click on MP3. For clear and good quality, you should choose the 320 kbps MP3 section.
  • The next step is to click on the folder icon to specify a location where to save the MP3 file.
  • If you have determined the storage location, click Convert at the bottom right.

3. Using the Accountlab Application

If the two points above are only specifically for laptop or computer users, then this application can be used on Android phones.

Accountlab App

On the Google Play Store, this application gets a rating of 4.9 so this application is a good application. The use of this application is also very easy and able to produce clear quality.

  • How to convert video to mp3 with this application is to install it through the Google Play Store and open the application.
  • Then select in the lower left box with the words Video to Audio then select simple mode if you want fast results.
  • When you have finished selecting the quality, select Extract and the video has been converted successfully.

4. Using the Springwalk App

If the application from Accountlab is very heavy for mobile phones, of course Springwalk can be the choice of video conversion application on Android. This is because Springwalk uses a simple and uncomplicated appearance.

Springwalk App

It doesn’t stop there, users of this application can also set a variety of MP3 file formats from ordinary to good.

  • To use this application, of course, Android phone users must download this application from the Google Play Store.
  • After that, open the application and select the video you want to convert to an mp3 file.
  • To choose the audio quality, you can choose the 128 kbps section or you can leave it alone if you don’t understand. After that, select Convert.

5. Using a Browser (No App)

Not only using applications that must be installed from the Play Store, Android users can also use the browser to convert videos.

Moreover, if the video comes from an internet site, there are many choices of websites that can be used. This is because there are many sites that can convert video to audio.

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The video file that you want to convert also sometimes affects the converted audio result. For that, choose a video with a clear sound so that it can be listened to and converted into an mp3 file.