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4 Bank Recommendations for Savings Without Monthly Fees

Bank Recommendations for Saving

If your goal is to save, and not for the purpose of facilitating digital transactions, then in addition to knowing the Bank’s recommendations for saving, you must also know what types of savings do not apply a monthly administration fee.

Basically the bank will take a few thousand (7 thousand to 20 thousand) per month for administrative costs, if your goal is to save money, then try not to let thousands of dollars come out of your savings. Even though the bank admin fees are not much, for some people, those thousands are a lot.

In addition to looking for a bank and other types of savings without monthly administration fees, you should also look for a bank that provides high interest rates so that you can profit because you have a lot of money in your savings (but it’s hard to find this type of bank).

Bank Recommendations for Savings Without Monthly Administration Fee

Bank Bukopin Syariah – My Savings

Bank Bukopin Syariah

Bank Bukopin is a type of middle class private bank that has been around since 1970. One type of savings that is suitable for you to use for saving is Bukopin Tabunganku.

Bank Bukopin Tabunganku gives you a low initial deposit free of monthly administration fees. The initial deposit to open this savings account is only 20 thousand rupiah, and the next deposit is a minimum of 10 thousand.

My savings at Bank Bukopin use the adi’ah yad dhamanah contract system, which means that customers do not need to pay administrative fees to pay for bank services, but the Bank will use the funds stored in the customer’s bank to be distributed to other customers. Even so you can withdraw your money at any time at the nearest ATM.

Regional Development Bank (BPD) – Tabunganku

The next bank recommendation for saving is BPD Bank. This bank has 4 superior products: Savings, Time Deposits, Credit and Current Accounts. BPD is a bank that exists in every region of Indonesia, for example Regional Banks such as: Central Java Bank, East Java Bank, BJB Bank, Southeast Sulawesi Bank, West Kalimantan Bank, DKI Bank and many more.

One of the most suitable types of Bank BPD savings for saving is Tabunganku. It is free of monthly administration fees, the initial deposit is small.

This BPD Bank applies different terms and conditions depending on the region, let’s take the example of Bank Jateng. The initial deposit is only 10 thousand, the next deposit is 5 thousand, and this Central Java Bank always gives rewards to its users so they like to save. The bigger your savings, the bigger the coupons that contain certain prizes.

Maybank – My Savings


Maybank or previously known as BII has a product type called Tabunganku, and just like other savings products, it does not apply a monthly administration fee. The initial deposit is also small, only 20 thousand rupiah.

There are several other advantages to using Maybank’s Tabunganku. You are provided with ATM (debit card) facilities, free transfer fees to other banks but your minimum balance is 10 million, easy to pay bills, and available in sharia.

The following is the interest rate you get when you save at Maybank Tabunganku:

  • < 500.000,00 0.00 %
  • 500.000,00 to 1,000,000.00 0.25 %
  • 1,000,000.00 1.00 %

State Savings Bank (BTN) – e’Batarapos

State Savings Bank

The State Savings Bank has a savings product called e’Batarapos. Although so far BTN is known as a bank that provides home ownership loans (KPR), but BTN also has a savings product for those of you who want to save money there.

e’Batarapos provides free monthly benefits as long as your balance is above 1 million, the initial deposit requested is only 50 thousand, and you are provided with facilities in the form of an ATM card that you can use to withdraw money at an ATM more easily.

There are many other benefits that you can feel when you save here, you can save on Saturdays and Sundays, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking facilities are available, depositing money is easy because it can be done at the Cash Deposite Machine, and registration or opening a passbook can be done at Post office.

From the recommendations of the Bank for saving above, why not private banks such as BRI, BCA, Mandiri, Danamon and others. Why?

The answer is because your savings can run out on its own because it is cut by administrative fees, ATM fees and others.