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15 Duties of Finance Administration Staff and Their Salaries

Finance Administration Staff Duties

The duties of the Finance Administration Staff are many. But broadly speaking, his job is to take care of the company’s cash inflows and outflows. More precisely, the focus of his work is more on finding, managing, allocating money and making payments made by the company.

Finance is different from Accounting, if Finance takes care of the income and expenditure of money, aka directly in contact with the money, if Accounting only records, and does an overview and grouping of various transactions carried out by the company. So make no mistake.

Finance is directly related to money and all activities in it, while Accounting is only in charge of recording and writing all incoming and outgoing transactions.

Duties of Finance Administration Staff Need to Know

Everything related to money coming in and going out is a lot. Examples of tasks are as follows:

Making Corporate Financial Planning

Regulating incoming and outgoing money, does not mean freeing the Finance Administration Staff to spend company money as they please. But there’s a plan too. So that the money spent is directed well and does not lose.

This company’s financial planning can take the form of loan plans, cash inflow plans and cash outflow plans, debt repayment plans that are due, and others. In addition, you will also be asked to make financial reports.

Managing the Company’s Money Flow

You will directly deal with the company’s ‘money’. Everything that has to do with financial activities: opening a new account, determining the amount of money deposited into the company’s account, to recording all incoming and outgoing cash flows. All arranged by the Finance Administration Staff.

Develop Budget Money Policy

Develop a budget money policy, which means you have to communicate with other divisions and then find out how much budget needs to be spent. You also have to determine the Return of Investment or the right to ask for the results obtained from the proposed budget.

There are many more tasks for the Finance Administration Staff. The 3 tasks above are basic tasks, there are many other smaller tasks which we will describe as follows:

  1. Prepare company finances
  2. Input all transactions that occur into the program
  3. Dealing with internal and external parties who are related to the company’s financial inflows and outflows
  4. Make transactions using company money
  5. Make payments to suppliers
  6. Controlling financial busyness
  7. And make financial reports
  8. Billing money to customers
  9. Receive documents from internal or external vendors
  10. Studying the budget
  11. Verifying the validity of a document
  12. Making management reports to the parent company
  13. SAP entry
  14. Accrue income and expenses
  15. Prepare invoice billing documents

You don’t do all these tasks at once. But know that a Finance has a big responsibility on the health of the company’s cash inflows and outflows.

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Then what is the approximate salary of a Finance Administration Staff from these many tasks?

Finance Administration Staff Salaries

The salary of a Finance can not be equalized. Their salary varies depending on the company they occupy and the location.

Generally, their salary is in accordance with the regional minimum wage. But it can be big and very big if the company you work for is a big company.

Meanwhile, the average salary of a Finance Administration Staff is: Rp 3,843,018

We took the data from the site which estimates the salary of a Finance Administration Staff from 233 anonymous users’ posts about their monthly salary.

There are also those whose salaries can reach 8 million and above as applied to the company PT Pertamina Persero. If based on location, it could reach 5 million or more. That’s the prevailing salary in Palembang. And that’s the job of the Finance Administration Staff and their salaries.