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Causes of BCA Mobile Cannot Verify & How to Overcome

Causes of BCA Mobile Cannot Verify

Don’t panic first if BCA Mobile can’t verify, first find out the cause and let’s fix it together. Here we will also share how to fix it, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your mobile banking account.

BCA Mobile verification is important, because it can protect our BCA account from bad people and so that it can be used on a cellphone, we must pass this stage. And if you can’t verify your BCA Mobile, here are the causes and how to fix it.

Causes of BCA Mobile Verification Failed or Unable to Verify

Your Phone is Dual SIM

During the verification process, the BCA Mobile application will send you a message via the data network. It is important for those of you who use dual SIM phones to put the phone number you registered with BCA Mobile on SIM 1. If you still can’t verify, remove your SIM 2 first, just focus on SIM 1.

You are using the old version of the BCA Mobile Application

First, check your BCA Mobile application version in the ‘About’ menu. If it is true that the version you are using has expired or is using the 1.5X version, you should uninstall the application and install the latest BCA Mobile application. Failure to verify can occur because the application has bugs and errors because the application has many shortcomings.

Your phone is Xiaomi

Xiaomi phones have a security system where they prevent BCA Mobile from sending messages. If you are a user of this phone, turn off the feature manually.

You do this by going to the settings menu, selecting the application option, then looking for the BCA Mobile application and clicking allow and activate SMS.

Your phone Vivo 3

Just like what happened to Xiaomi cellphone users, Vivo 3 also has a security system that actually blocks SMS from entering BCA. To set it, go to the application manager and select ‘All Applications’. Then select the Message application and in the SMS Premium Permission option select the ‘Always Allow’ option.

From the reasons why BCA Mobile can’t verify most of the time it happens because of problems with cellphones that have dual SIMs. And don’t forget to make sure you have credit to reply to the BCA verification sent in the form of an SMS.

How to Overcome BCA Mobile Can’t Verify

There are several ways to solve this problem:

#way 1

By ensuring that the mobile number you use to connect to the internet is a mobile number registered with BCA customer service. Although it seems a bit sensitive about the problem of cell phone numbers to the point that even the internet network is noticed, but you can try to follow it to see if that’s the problem your verification failed.

In addition to dealing with it this way, try not to move the registered SIM card or remove the SIM card.

#way 2

Also pay attention to the connection from the internet. The better the internet connection, the smoother your BCA Mobile verification will be.

#way 3

If you have reached the stage of entering the 16-digit ATM card number, and it still fails to be verified, try opening your phone’s settings menu. Check whether the settings menu accepts financial activation or not. If BCA Mobile cannot verify, try setting it up by following these steps:

  • Open the Security option, then in the ‘Unknown Source’ section check whether it is active or not. If you haven’t activated it yet.

From the explanation above, BCA Mobile can’t verify this happens because your SIM card is in the wrong slot. This is indeed very sensitive, because the Bank wants to minimize someone’s ATM account breaking because this problem is very vulnerable.