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3 Ways to Overcome msvcp140.dll is Missing on Windows 7/8/10

How to solve msvcp140.dll is Missing

When you are about to open an application, has it ever failed to keep showing the message “msvcp140.dll is missing”? If so, then you can be sure there is a problem in the form of missing the file from the Visual C++ application on your laptop or computer. Don’t be confused, because in this article you will be told how to fix msvcp140.dll is missing that you can try.

It can be said that msvcp140.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file that provides instructions for certain applications. Because this file is needed by various applications, the application in question will not be able to be used if this file is lost. To solve this problem, you can try some of the ways to solve the missing msvcp140.dll below.

1. Entering the msvcp140.dll File Manually

The first method is actually very easy to do. The thing you need is the msvcp140.dll file itself. Then you just need to combine the file with various files from other Visual C++ applications.

Although this method is easy for anyone to do, it would be nice if you still follow some of the steps which will be explained below.

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the msvcp140.dll file over the internet. No need to worry because now there are many sites that provide the msvcp140.dll file for free.
  2. If the process of downloading the msvcp140.dll file is complete, then you only need to put it in the C: > Windows > System32 directory for 32-bit Windows users. As for 64-bit Windows users, you can put it in the C: > Windows > SysWOW64 directory.
  3. If you have put it in the correct directory, then you can try to restart the laptop or PC that is used first and try again to open the application in question.

2. Reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++

If the manual method described previously didn’t work, then you can try this second method. Namely by reinstalling Microsoft Visual C + +.

It’s possible that the msvcp140.dll file on your laptop or PC is lost due to a virus or mallware. Well, here’s how to reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ properly.

  1. First, you need to open the Control Panel first and delete or uninstall the Microsoft Visual C++ application that is already installed.
  2. If so, you can download Microsoft Visual C++ on the internet and don’t forget to use the Microsoft Visual C++ that is compatible with your version of Windows.
  3. After that, you just need to install the downloaded Microsoft Visual C++ and make sure all the files in it are installed, especially msvcp140.dll.

3. Re-registering msvcp140.dll

If you failed with the first method and don’t want to download Microsoft Visual C++ anymore, then you can re-register the msvcp140.dll file on the laptop or PC you are using.

It aims to restore the msvcp140.dll file by adjusting the Windows version as well as the installed Microsoft Visual C++. Here’s how to re-register msvcp140.dll.

  1. First click the Windows icon, and write CMD in the search field.
  2. On the CMD application that appears, you need to right-click and select the “Run As Administrator” option.
  3. If CMD is already open, then write the command “regsvr32/u MSVCP140.dll” and press enter.
  4. After that, write the command again in the form of “regsvr32 MSVCP140.dll” and press enter again.

With several ways to solve msvcp140.dll is missing described above, then you will be able to open every application you have. However, it is recommended to choose the second method, because it has a greater chance of success than the other methods.