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Text of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts + Examples of Their Actions

Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts

Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts are two things that become the lifeline of Scout members in carrying out their daily activities.

The word Dwi Satya, comes from Sanskrit, which means Dwi is two and Satya is a promise.

While Dwi Darma comes from the word Dwi which means two, and Darma which means practice.

So when these two guidelines are combined, it will read that Dwi Satya means Scout promise and Dwi Darma means the practice of a Scout that must be carried out in daily life, both within the family and with friends.

Text of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma of Scouts

The sounds of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts are as follows.

Text of Dwi Satya Scouts

“By my honor, I promise and mean it….

  1. Carry out my obligations towards God and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and follow family etiquette
  2. Every day do good

Script of Dwi Darma Scouts

  1. Standby to be devoted to parents
  2. Be brave and don’t give up

Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts are the code of ethics for young Scout members aged between 7-10 years.

It is also known as the Standby Scout code of ethics, where the mention is based on an allegory during the struggle of the Indonesian people.

By keeping promises and carrying out the above guidelines in daily life, the following goals will be formed for the Scouting Standby:

  1. A person who rhymes and fears God Almighty
  2. Become a person who cares for the homeland and nation
  3. Obey the family rules
  4. Be a pious and pious person
  5. Self-confident
  6. Firm in stance
  7. And don’t give up

As for some examples of the application of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma in daily life.

The following are examples of actions that are in accordance with Dwi Darma Scouts and Dwi Satya Scouts.

Examples of the Actions of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts

One example of an attitude that strongly reflects the behavior of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts is obedience to parents.

As already mentioned in the text of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma, it reads “According to Family Rules …” and “Obey with Fathers and Mothers”, this proves that the parental factor has a very big influence on all of us.

From this we can conclude that one of the examples of actions in accordance with Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts is to be obedient to parents, be polite, respectful, and always do good.

Not only for parents, various aspects of life are also touched by this Siaga Scout guide.

Here is an example:

  • Seriously doing our duty to God Almighty. Whatever your beliefs, we must always remember and never forget that life always depends on God.

For example, as a Muslim, never leave obligations such as the 5 daily prayers, fasting and other obligations.

For Christians to carry out their obligations by going to church, and others according to your religion

  • Being nationalistic, loving the homeland and reflecting the NKRI nation is also an example of the actions of Dwi Darma and Dwi Satya Scouts. For example, by putting the Indonesian flag on your Scout uniform and various other nationalist things that show your pride in this beloved homeland
  • Doing good deeds every day to fellow human beings, be it friends, other people, older people, neighbors, the surrounding community and so on.

Good things can be done in various forms, such as helping, greeting, being friendly, respecting the opinions of others and so on.

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By following the rules of Dwi Satya and Dwi Darma Scouts, it is hoped that Scout members can have good character, good character, Faith, Ihsan to all in this world.