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3 Ways to Overcome IDM Serial Numbers Fake (Fake)

How to Overcome IDM Serial Number

In this article, we will discuss how to deal with fake or fake IDM serial numbers that usually always appear and are annoying.

IDM problem fake serial number usually appears when you update IDM or use an expired IDM edition. If this happens to you then there is no need to worry and panic. This case is common in IDM.

How to overcome this fake IDM serial number does not require any additional applications. The method is simple, fast, and anyone can do it.

How to Overcome IDM Serial Number

There are 3 ways to solve the problem of fake IDM serial numbers. The first way is to change the name files IDM program. The second way is to use the IDM Fake Serial Remover application.

The third way is to edit the file host. To anticipate the reappearance of the fake serial number problem, you should understand and remember these 3 methods.

The following is a guide to dealing with the IDM fake serial number problem in 3 different ways.

1. Rename File

The following is a guide to overcoming fake IDM serial numbers by changing the IDM program file name.

  • Make sure IDM is not running.
  • Close the program, either from tray in the lower right corner as well as from task manager.
  • Access the IDM installation folder.
  • Its location is in C: – Program Files or Program Files (x86) – Internet Download Manager.
  • Rename the IDMGrHlp.exe file to idmhelp-old.exe.
  • Then, restart computer.
  • After the computer can be used again, return to the IDM installation folder.
  • Rename the idmBroker.exe file to IDMGrHlp.exe.
  • Restart the computer again.
  • After the computer can be used again, IDM has become an edition full.

2. Using IDM Fake Serial Remover

Here’s how to deal with fake IDM serial numbers by using IDM Fake Serial Remover.

  • Use the latest edition of IDM.
  • Then, download the IDM Fake Serial Remover application.
  • Before running the application, turn off the antivirus so that there is no interference.
  • Extract the downloaded.
  • Next, install TrashReg.exe.
  • Open the app, locate the Visual Protect 3.5+ file, and delete the file.
  • Access task manager. How to press Ctrl + Alt + Del simultaneously.
  • Click tab process. Find IDMan.exe, then click End process.
  • If not found, continue to the next process.
  • Return to the IDM Fake Serial Remover folder.
  • Open IDM Trial Reset.exe.
  • Click the Trial Reset tab. Check Automatically and wait for the process to complete.
  • Copy the IDMGrHlp.exe, Patch.exe, and Registration.reg files.
  • Paste the files into the IDM installation folder. Choose overwrite or replace.
  • Next, right-click Patch.exe and select Run as administrator.
  • Click Patch and fill in the name (first & last).
  • Close Patch.
  • Double-click the Registration.reg file.
  • The process is complete and the fake serial number notification will no longer appear.

3. Editing the Hosts File

The following is a guide to overcoming the fake IDM serial number problem by editing the hosts file.

  1. Access Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  2. Find the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  3. Right-click the file and select Open with Notepad.
  4. Look for the text localhost.
  5. Add the following host data text
  6. Be careful and don’t get the text wrong.
  7. When finished save the file.
  8. Then, right-click the file and select Properties.
  9. Check the Read Only option.
  10. The process is complete and the IDM error problem will not appear again.

You can choose any solution that you think is easy and fast to do. If one method fails, then just choose how to deal with other fake IDM serial numbers.

A permanent solution by purchasing a lifetime license is indeed a priority. If not, then you should update frequently so that problems like this don’t appear frequently in the future.