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11 Best Android Launchers Free No Ads

Best Android Launcher

As an android cellphone holder, of course you want to have a cellphone with an attractive appearance. This can be done by changing the launcher, which is a system for running programs on Android phones. This mobile launcher can be used to beautify the screen display while supporting user productivity.

This third-party application is very light and can be used for daily activities and has a variety of customizations that can be selected according to taste.

What’s more interesting, you can download it for free through the Play Store. Some of these lightweight and free launchers include the following:

11 Free Android Launchers No Ads

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

The first best android launcher is Nova Launcher. Since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, this launcher has been undergoing regular system updates.

Even today, Nova launcher is the best launcher, the most popular and a favorite of many users.

This is because Nova Launcher is famous for its customization, user interface and has many customization options.

Besides that, this launcher is also based on the basic stock android with much more features. So, the display on the homepage offered is almost the same as a cellphone running stock android.

All you need is a little adjustment to be able to get a cool homepage that fits your needs.

Download Nova Launcher

2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

For those of you who want to have a launcher with an elegant appearance, you can use Microsoft Launcher.

It is the best android launcher which is light and fast and has a lot of integration with Microsoft applications.

One of the main features of this launcher is the home page which can display the latest photos, favorite contacts, most used applications and so on.

In addition, you can also change new wallpapers every day from Bing which is a search engine from Microsoft.

And what’s even more interesting, you can also directly connect to other Microsoft accounts by using the Microsoft Launcher application.

Download Microsoft Launcher

3. Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher

The next best android launcher is Evie Launcher which is designed to improve the performance of an android phone.

What makes this launcher so popular with users is that all applications are stored on the drawer and can be opened with just one swipe of the screen upwards.

In addition, the drawer can also be arranged in such a way that it can display applications in a grid or list.

In fact, just by swiping down on the screen on the HP homepage, you can open a universal search box. For example, look for applications or other files that are already installed and stored on your cellphone.

Download Evie Launcher

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

This best android launcher was released almost at the same time as Nova Launcher.

These two launchers have a lot in common. What makes it different is that Apex Launcher has far more customization options than Nova Launcher.

You can make simple customizations and insert cool and unique adjustments on your android phone. Besides, Apex Launcher is also able to sort applications by name and installation date.

Download Apex Launcher

5. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

This android launcher, which is labeled Smart Launcher 5, is designed to make your cellphone more organized and intuitive.

On the main screen of the cellphone there is access to the basic functions of the phone, such as browser, camera, photos and others.

While the drawer is arranged automatically according to the category with a search bar that is universal.

In addition, Smart Launcher 5 also has an option that can turn off the cellphone screen by double tapping the screen. Very smart application is not it?

Download Smart Launcher 5

6. ASAP Launcher

ASAP Launcher

As the name implies, the best android launcher on this one prioritizes speed. In ASAP Launcher there is a feature called “Dock” which can accommodate several applications at once.

You can display the latest apps as well as your favorite pinned apps using the Dock. All that can be done with just one swipe on the screen.

For example, when you wipe the cellphone screen from the right edge, options will appear that are used to set Wifi, airplane mode, Bluetooth, brightness levels and others.

The drawer in ASAP Launcher is also designed with a search bar in a vertical list.

Download ASAP Launcher

7. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2

For the next best android launcher is ADW Launcher 2. It is the most senior launcher and has experienced a “death” phase because it was abandoned by the developer.

But now ADW has bounced back with a very different look when compared to other launchers.

ADW is claimed to be the most suitable for “hardcore” Android HP users, the easiest to use and customize before other launchers appear.

Download ADW Launcher 2

8. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

From the name alone, it provides guaranteed quality. Google Now Launcher is claimed by Google as a launcher that emphasizes speed and has a clean UI.

The app drawer is organized by list according to the alphabet AZ. By using this launcher, you will get recommendations for several applications from the Google Play Store.

Download Google Now Launcher

9. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

For those of you who are happy with various unique features, the following best android launchers are suitable for you to apply on your cellphone.

On the home screen there is a function that can change its own color depending on the wallpaper that is currently being installed.

Other interesting features are Shutterswhich is a feature that lets you view widgets by simply swiping on the app icon.

Quickpage is also an interesting feature offered by Action Launcher. The function of this Quickpage is for the slide-out drawer on the widget.

And the last interesting feature is Covers, which is a feature that can change the application icon on the cellphone into a folder.

Download Action Launcher

10. Lawnchair


The next best android launcher is Lawnchair. Is a launcher that focuses on copying the various launchers installed on the HP Pixel along with their features.

That’s why this launcher has Google Now integration as well as “shortcuts with notification dots” on Android Oreo.

In addition, Lawnchair is also supported by the ability to customize icons using the “Icon Pack” and change the size according to the tastes of the HP owner.

Download Lawnchair

11. Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher

And the last launcher is Solo Launcher which is more focused on HP owners who enjoy DIY themes.

In this launcher there is a Beautify application that makes it easy for users to change wallpapers, themes, fonts and others.

This Solo Launcher application has several options that can help you navigate the interface quickly.

On the right side of the screen is equipped with a page that can be used to access news and also search.

Download Solo Launcher

The various features mentioned in each of the best android launcher applications are some of the features offered in each application.

All of them are selected based on the functionality and uniqueness of each launcher. For complete information about the launcher application, you can visit the Play Store.

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We recommend that you choose an application that matches what you need on your Android phone.