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How to Fix Gboard (AOSP) Has Stopped on Android

How to Fix Gboard (AOSP) Has Stopped on Android

There are many factors that cause Gboard to stop on your Android phone. Starting from the amount of garbage or cache data that has accumulated to caused by problems with incompatible application updates on HP devices. However, there are actions you can take in how to fix Gboard has stopped.

You can adjust this action depending on the factors that cause the Gboard stop problem on your HP device. Apart from that, you can do this in a fairly easy way.

Below are ways that you can do to solve the problem that Gboard has stopped on Android HP devices.

How to Overcome Gboard Has Stopped on an Android Phone

1. Restart Android Mobile Device

The first way that you can do to fix Gboard stops is to restart the Android HP device. Because in many cases like this problem, this method is very relevant in dealing with the problem of an application that suddenly stops.

In addition, you can do a reboot on your cellphone easily. It depends on the type of device you are using.

2. Clear Cache

The second way you can do is clear the cache that has accumulated on your Android phone. This is because a full cache can cause the application to respond slower until it stops. Of course this causes you to not be able to feel the maximum performance.

Also, having an app update launched can sometimes cause crashes due to a full cache.

Here are ways to clear cache that has accumulated on Android HP devices.

  • The first way, you can open the Settings menu on the Android HP device.
  • After that, open the Applications menu and scroll down until you find Gboard.
  • Click once, it will display info about junk or cache data.
  • Here you can select Storage and click Clear to delete or clean junk data.

If you have never done this method before, then the displayed garbage data can reach tens to hundreds of MB.

The presence of this garbage is the main cause of Gboard stopping on your Android cellphone.

3. Uninstall Updates

Another factor that causes Gboard to stop is automatic app updates.

The existence of this update feature sometimes results in compatibility issues and can break other applications.

Not only that, this problem can cause the application to stop suddenly. Of course this is a new problem for your HP device.

The proper way to work around this is to open the Settings menu, then select Applications and search for Gboard. Then copy the Gboard application via the Uninstall or Uninstall application menu.

After that, restart the HP device you have. If you are still experiencing Gboard display stopping, then you can try something else.

4. Restart HP in Safe Mode

The next way that you can use is to restart the HP device in safe mode. This process depends on the type of HP device you are using.

This is because each type of HP has a different safe mode. Below is how to restart your cellphone in safe mode that you can do for Android One Plus devices.

  • The first way that can be done to activate safe mode or device safe is to turn off your device first.
  • After that, activate the HP device by holding the power button until boot mode appears.
  • When entering the boot process, then you can press and hold the power Up and Down buttons simultaneously until it enters boot mode.
  • The last step, you can select safe mode in the corner of the screen to activate it.

All of the above methods you can apply in how to solve Gboard has stopped. Of course, all of these ways depend on what factors cause the problem.

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If this method has not been able to help your problem, then the best way that can be used is to do a factory reset on the Android HP device.