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How Many Deductions Per Month for BRI Bank?

How many pieces per month BRI Bank

How Many Deductions Per Month for BRI Bank? Why Does It Feel Like Your BRI Balance Is Cut Every Day?

Ever felt this? In fact, it is clear that BRI only cuts the balance for monthly taxes or administration. But for some reason it feels like almost every day our BRI account balances are cut.
What’s going on?

Before you know the problem, you must first know how much the BRI bank discount actually is per month. So that when you check the mutation later you will not be surprised if at any time there is a balance out even though you have never made any transactions.

How Much Deduction Per Month BRI Bank?

The monthly fee depends on what type of card you use. Although the difference in rupiah is not too striking, some cards do have different monthly admin fees.

There are Private Label, Classic, Gold and Premium cards.

The most widely used are the Classic and Gold cards. However, for BRI customers from villages, many also use the Private Label card type.

In addition to monthly admin fees, customers are also charged by monthly card fees.

Although making ATM cards is free, BRI disciplinedly cut its customer balances to pay monthly card fees.

Private Label

This card is marked in green. Usually used for Simpedes savings users. This card limit is the smallest and the admin fees are cheap compared to others.

  • Monthly administration fee: Rp. 7,000 only per month.
  • Monthly card fee: (may not exist)


This card has a blue color. It’s a bit more above Private Label. It’s better to use a Classic ATM card because you can use this card at any ATM machine, including overseas.

  • Monthly administration fee: IDR 9000 only per month
  • Monthly card fee: IDR 2,000


This type of ATM is gold in color. Larger transaction limits, suitable for customers who are required to make large transactions every day.

  • Monthly administration fee: IDR 12,000
  • Monthly card fee: IDR 6,500

Apart from administration fees and card fees which are part of the BRI Bank monthly discount, what other discounts can cause the balance in your BRI account to run out quickly?

BRI Bank Transaction Fees That Can Cut Account Balance

Instead of saving for profit, in the end, saving ends up losing money because the balance runs out on its own in the BRI account. Actually, it’s not BRI’s fault, but as a wise customer, look for types of savings that match your criteria.

The reason is that there are lots of balance cuts in BRI accounts. This is also one of the reasons why BRI balances run out quickly. If this is problematic for your finances, try to find a more appropriate type of savings.

The following is a list of the various balances that BRI makes to your account.

  • Cash withdrawal fees at BRI ATMs: IDR 100 per transaction
  • Transfer to other BRI accounts: IDR 750 per transaction
  • Transfer to BRI account via internet banking: IDR 250 per transaction
  • Transfer to another bank via BRI ATM machine: IDR 6,500 per transaction
  • Transfer to BRI account via M-Banking: IDR 250 per transaction
  • Telkomsel card top up transaction fee: IDR 250 per transaction
  • Incoming SMS notification fee: IDR 500 per SMS
  • Cash withdrawal fees at Cirrus overseas ATM machines: IDR 25,000
  • Cash withdrawal fees at ATM machines of other banks or ATMs together: IDR 7,500 per transaction
  • Check balance at other Bank ATM machines or ATMs together: IDR 4,000 per balance check
  • Transaction failed due to insufficient balance at ATM of another bank: IDR 2,500 per failed transaction
  • Cash withdrawals at branch offices of less than 2.5 million are subject to a fee: IDR 10,000 per transaction
  • Cash withdrawals at BRI branch offices of more than 2.5 million and under 5 million are subject to a fee: IDR 7,500 per transaction
  • Cash deposit at BRI branch offices with news within the city: IDR 5,000 per deposit
  • RTGS transfer at BRI branch offices: IDR 30,000 per transaction
  • Clearing transfer at BRI branch offices: IDR 15,000

That’s the list of BRI’s monthly discounts. Pretty much isn’t it?