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10 Best and Fastest Torrent Download Sites

Best Torrent Download Sites

Torrent is one of the alternative media that is usually used to download and upload large files via the internet. Using torrents to download files is certainly the best choice because it can help the download process to be faster.

Torrenting is also a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without having to bear various resource burdens or hardware performance, bandwidth and hosting on the original distributor of the data file.

Basically, when a data file is distributed using the torrent protocol, the users who download the file will also distribute a small portion of the data to new users who download the file.

This is of course very useful because it can reduce the cost and performance of the original distributors and can also reduce dependence on the original file distributor.

Generally, torrent files will contain various information about file names, file sizes, commentators, track URL addresses and others.

It should be noted that torrent files can only be opened using torrent download applications or software, such as BiTorrent and uTorrent. More details below

10 Best and Fastest Torrent Download Sites

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay ( is a legend torrent download site that can’t be doubted. Moreover, this torrent file hosting is also the first in the world, even in 2022 this site managed to top the list of the best torrent sites in the world.

Through The Pirate Bay you can easily find various files with categories of audio, video to games. In addition to various types of categories, you can also find magnet link which will later be used to download via a peer to peer network.

The Pirante Bay was indeed blocked by the government and disappeared in 2014, however, now this site can be accessed again as usual.

2. Extratorrent

Extratorrent ( is a torrent site that hosts a number of torrent links that can go directly to the copyrighted content section. By using extratorrent sites you can easily find various files, such as movie files, songs, the latest images to software.

Basically, extratorrent has indeed experienced several domain changes, even so extratorrent sites can still be a mainstay for those of you who are looking for the best torrent download sites.

3. Rarbg

Rarbg ( is a torrent download site with a very attractive appearance, so it is not surprising that this torrent site is in great demand by consumers.

The Rarbg site can index torrent files for various types of categories, from movies to TV shows to more.

The first Rarbg site was launched in 2008 and since then the company that launched this torrent download site has been exploring the company’s low profile for the past few years.

Although it was closed for a week due to legal problems, now the Rarbg site is one of the torrent sites that has the most visitors in the world.


EZTV ( is a torrent site that operates almost the same as other popular sites such as KickAss Torrents and TPB. Basically, this release group was launched as a torrent site after the KickAss deposit.

Although visually EZTV is not as attractive as other well-known torrent sites, but with content that is always updated every day, it is not surprising that this site has become quite popular.

In addition, to find various updates to the latest TV series on this site is also fairly easy and you can even go directly to the discussion forums in each of the latest episodes to discuss them.

5. YTS


YTS ( or previously known as YIFY is indeed one of the most popular torrent sites. This site is very famous because it has a large collection of the latest films that are present on the cinema screen.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if this torrent movie download site will always be ready to pamper you with the best quality movies and certainly won’t disappoint you.

6. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents ( is a site that provides torrents by offering several categories, such as movies, TV series, applications, anime and games.

Talking about the appearance of this site, it is also very reliable with various types of content that is always updated every day.

In addition, LimeTorrents also makes it easy for you to find the latest and most popular movies, by providing a list of the 100 best torrent download links.

7. 1337X


1337X ( is one of the torrent download sites with an Alexa ranking below 1000, thus making it able to stand well next to many other popular torrent sites around the world.

Basically, this torrent download site was first launched in 2007, although it is relatively new, this site could immediately feel a fairly high success, especially when the KickAss and TPB sites were destroyed.

In addition, 1337X also displays excellent graphics, making the 1337X visual appearance much more attractive like the YTS site.

1337X also looks very active in updating its content every day. It’s not surprising, therefore, that 1337X is a host that has a lot of extensive and also strict copyrighted files.

8. IsoHunt


IsoHunt ( is indeed a torrent site that welcomes pirated content very intelligently and lovingly. The reason is that around 2012, this site managed to share around 14 petabytes of various pirated content.

Well, because it managed to share pirated content that finally caused the IsoHunt site to be closed in 2013. Even so, this site did not take long to re-appear on search engines or the internet. It is important to note that the domain is also considered a replacement for the original IsoHunt domain.

9. Torlock

Torlock ( is actually the same as the 1337X torrent download site which is also very well made in terms of appearance.

Please note, the Torlock site also claims that all torrent types indexed on this site have been verified and will also immediately remove links that receive legitimate legal requests.

The Torlock site has actually indexed more than 3 million torrents and magnet links with various content categories.

10. Torrentz


Torrentz2 ( is a torrent site that has been blocked before and finally made this site change to a new domain called torrentz.

Actually this Torrentz site is very similar to The Pirante Bay because it has a view that is quite easy to use, user friendly and quite simple. Even this site is also very minimal pop up ads which are quite annoying.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this site is quite popular and has its own place among its users.

Thus, I hope this review of the 10 best Torrent download sites can be useful and become a reference for those of you who are looking for the best torrent sites in the world.