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How to Track JD.ID (JX Express) Goods Shipments

JX Express

Actually, this is a continuation of my story about my first shopping experience at JD.ID which I almost gave up, but after the goods arrived, I felt very relieved.

In previous experience, I have told you that previously I was worried that the goods would not reach my place because I was in a remote village which was quite far at the eastern end of the island of Madura.

However, I keep looking for information about the expedition used by JD.ID to send goods, and I hope there is a branch office in my city.

Fyi for those of you who don’t know, JD.ID uses an expedition called JX-Express where this expedition is a new expedition or it’s been a long time, or I’m not updated hehe.

And for those of you who want to know how to check the delivery status of goods from JD.ID, please see below.

How to Check JD.ID (JX-Express) Goods Shipments

Open the JD.ID application on your cellphone

Select menu My account > Waiting to be Received

Then the goods that are being sent will appear, select Track orders

If you want more details, tap on Track orders:

And this is where the tracking report will be displayed, so you can know where the goods have arrived

Later when it reaches our city, there will be a report in the form of the same from complete with the courier’s name and the courier’s cellphone number.

That’s where my negative thoughts about disappeared.

Immediately, at that time I looked for the location of the jx-express office in Sumenep, al the results I opened Google Maps were not there, but the next day there was a call from the JX-Express courier who informed me that the goods I ordered had arrived in Sumenep.

Then the father said, if he didn’t know the location of my place because it was quite far from the city and took about 30 minutes, I just said “let me pick you up to the jx express office”

“Ok then, sir,” said the father, I asked the address of his office and I picked up the goods in a safe condition without the slightest scratch.

So, for those of you who want to shop at JD.ID, you don’t have to worry anymore, I who am in remote villages still arrive even though I have to pick up the goods myself hehe.

That’s all for sharing this time, hopefully it’s useful.