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5 Ways to Overcome Unreadable WhatsApp Contacts

How to Overcome Unreadable WhatsApp Contacts

WA contacts lost or unreadable? This is usually experienced by a number of WhatsApp users because they forget to give WA access rights to read contacts on their smartphone.

The way the whatsapp application works to read contacts is like this, it will access the entire list of contacts on our smartphone, be it on the sim card or phone memory, then detect which numbers are used to register to WA.

That way we don’t have to bother looking for the number of friends who use WA, because when we open a contact there will be an automatic WA icon near the number.

How to Solve Unread WhatsApp Contacts

Update WA Contact

Although the WA system will detect the WA number automatically and then display it in the contact, it is not impossible that the system will also error in certain circumstances. If you don’t find the wa contact you just added, then you can try the first way, namely by updating the contact.

How: Enter WA then tap chat icon > Menu > Update

Update WA Contact

That way WA will update your contacts.

How to Allow WhatsApp to Access Contacts

This step is usually there when the first installation is complete, then you will be asked for access to be allowed to access contacts on the cellphone. But if you skip this step, please do the following steps.

Go to Settings > Application > WhatsApp then select App permissions make sure you have enabled all permissions as in the following image.

How to Allow WhatsApp to Access Contacts

Look in the section we marked, that’s whatasapp permission to access contacts.

Clear App Data and Cache

Cache is also often the main problem that causes the cellphone to be slow and one of the factors is that wa can’t bring up contacts. By clearing the cache, the error will usually disappear and the system application will run normally again.

For how to clear cache on WA, please go to Settings > Application > WhatsApp and Clear Cache.

Delete and Reinstall WhatsApp

If you have done the three tips above but still can’t, then the way you can also try is to delete the WA application and reinstall it via the play store.

Hard Reset Hp

The last way you can try to solve the wa that can’t display contacts is a hard reset or the term reinstalling the cellphone. It could be that if you’ve done some of the tips above and still can’t, then the possibility is that the cellphone system is damaged so it needs to be updated again.

Some of the steps above may be different when applied, because here I am using a Xiaomi Redmi 3S cellphone. For other cellphones such as Samsung, Oppo, Andromax, Lenovo, Vivo and others, it’s also not much different.

Especially for step number 5, you can find a way on Google. But try not to do this step because it can cause data to be lost and all settings to return to the beginning. Hopefully how to solve unreadable wa contacts can be useful, and good luck.