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Yu Zhong's Item Build Is OP After the New Patch, Must Use!

Yu Zhong’s Item Build Is OP After the New Patch, Must Use!

Yu Zhong is indeed not buffed, but the many highground heroes used make this hero even more effective.

Yu Zhong himself can now be effectively used as a Goldlaner or Explaner option because he is thick and has damage.

To make it even stronger, you really have to try the latest SPIN Esports style build below.

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Yu Zhong’s build was OP after the patch

Tough Boots

Tough Boots

First there are tough boots, this item is actually optional but to avoid a lot of CC, of ​​course these shoes are suitable.

War Ax

War Ax
source: Mobile Legends

The War Ax is the next item, although it’s rarely used nowadays, the War Ax is still suitable for Yu Zhong. The sustained damage will make Yu Zhong’s penetration high.

Malefic Roar

Because it functions as a damage dealer, of course this item is mandatory for you to use. The damage will certainly stab the opponent, especially the minimal armor heroes, because penetration can now be up to -60.

Dominance Ice

source: Mobile Legends

To fight regen heroes who are already big in the mid to late game, of course this item is suitable for you. Apart from regen, of course the additional armor makes Yu Zhong more able to mess up the opponent’s backliners longer.

Bloodlust Ax

Source: Mobile Legends

The additional regen from this itme is quite large and makes Yu Zhong even more able to linger for teamfights, especially now that long-term teamfights have become daily food in the Land of Dawn.



The last item as a regen enhancer is back because of course Yu Zhong needs it for long-term teamfights. Oracle is one of the best choices or you can replace it with Immortality if things are not good.

Those are Yu Zhong’s OP build item recommendations after the new patch. Can you try it so that your Yu Zhong can slaughter in rank matches.

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