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In Severe Nerf, This MLBB Hero Becomes Useless in the New Patch!

In Severe Nerf, This MLBB Hero Becomes Useless in the New Patch!

There is one MLBB hero who apparently gets a big nerf and makes him no longer as strong as before.

This hero is famous for its silence but deadly but the latest changes make it no longer the same. Can you guess the hero we mean?

That’s right, she is Natalia who gets big changes in the new patch. For those who don’t know, you can immediately see the changes below.

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Nerf Natalia MLBB

Hero marksman Natalia mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest


  • Remove the slow effect
  • Silence Effect: Silences the target for 1 second after being marked 2 times to silence the target for 0.25 seconds each time they are marked


  • Enemy visible when: 2 seconds after the opponent crosses the range changed to 0.6 seconds after the opponent crosses the range
  • Cannot be targeted by smart skill targeting or basic attacks


  • Cooldown: 2 seconds changed to 3 seconds (fixed)

You can see for yourself that the nerf is quite large starting from the elimination of the slow effect. The silence effect is reduced to just 0.25 seconds.

Up to the conceal effect that makes it easy for opponents to see. These are the points that make Natalia very easy to find.

For example, you can see in the video that SPIN Esports provides below.

Even though we know that invisibility or conceal (now) is the main weapon of this hero, so many players make it a roamer.

Disappearing that effect and making it easy to find would be completely useless.

Natalia is no longer able to give her the usual surprise effect after updating the new patch for April 2023. In our opinion, this hero is useless in MLBB.

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