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Will be Released Soon, Is Cyno Genshin Impact Obligatory in Gacha?

Will be Released Soon, Is Cyno Genshin Impact Obligatory in Gacha?

The new character teaser for Cyno has been officially released by Genshin Impact. Leak skills have also been mentioned in several live streams some time ago.

So, the question is, do you have to gacha this character after it’s released? You can find the answer here, yes.

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Is Cyno Obligatory Gacha in Genshin Impact?

Of course, to answer this beforehand, you can watch the teaser video from Cyno, which was just released.

Back to the previous discussion, is Cyno mandatory for you to get? The answer is it depends on you.

If you really feel the need for Electro, Main DPS can really be for you to gacha the Cyno character, especially if you plan to play Aggravate Reaction, because the strongest Electro reaction for now is with Dendro, you can unite Cyno with Dendro Traveler or Collei.

But if not, we don’t really recommend it because this character from the kit that has been revealed by Genshin Impact is a selfish character or has been in the field long enough like Xiao.

Another reason that makes Cyno interesting is of course its cool visuals and badass lore.

This made many people interested, especially his presence with Venti at the same time as the banner where Venti’s character is Archon Anemo who was present in version 1.0 and has been re-run three times (including later version 3.1).

For skipping, of course you can really because in the second banner phase there will be Nilou and Albedo if you want to gacha these characters.

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