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Here Are All the April MLBB 2023 Starlight Skin Rewards, What Are They?

Here Are All the April MLBB 2023 Starlight Skin Rewards, What Are They?

The April 2023 Mobile Legends Starlight skin will definitely belong to Eudora after Moonton released a teaser for all the rewards later.

Even though he’s not a popular hero, this old hero is worth it because he hasn’t had a Starlight skin since the beginning until now.

Eudora was once famous because she can instantly kill thin-blooded heroes. However, the lack of escape skills certainly makes it less desirable.

Eudora has experienced a change in skin color which means it can only be released in April. Instead of being curious, of course you can see the rewards in the Starlight skin for April 2023 later.

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Starlight Rewards April 2023

Aside from Eudora, of course, as usual, there will be 4 other Starlight skins that you can buy if you don’t want to buy Ruby’s newest skin.

Skin Starlight Oct
source: YT MLBB

Besides Eudora – Cosmic Voyagethe Starlight skins that will appear in April are:

  • Kaja “Kaminari”
  • Benedetta “Street Blow”
  • Sun Simian Curse
  • Moscow “Snake Eye Commander”

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In addition, there is official information regarding the rewards that will be present (the main ones) in April 2023, namely:

  • Lolita “Impist Trickster” Painted Skin (level 10)
  • Skin Basic Random (level 20)
  • Starlight Gems (level 30)
  • Emote Eudora (level 40)
  • Sacred Statue Karina (level 60)

The rewards are of course abundant when you buy the Starlight skin in April 2023.

What about Spinners’ existing reward options, are you interested in buying the skins in April 2023?

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