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Three Types of Roamers in Mobile Legends, Tank Users Must Enter!

Along with changing patches, of course there are now many variations starting from the use of tanks jungler even now began the presence of various types roamers in Mobile Legends.

Specifically for roamers, Of course this is rarely realized by Mobile Legends players because they are often seen as a barrier to damage dealt by opponents.

Unfortunately, apparently not all roamers must do so considering that currently there are several types that can be played in that position.

Therefore, here are the types of roamers that currently exist in Mobile Legends that you must know.

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Type of Defense Roamer Mobile Legends

popular heroes of mobile legends

One of the most common types in Mobile Legends is Defense Roamers frequently used by players.

This type has the main task of initiating attacks, protecting the core both in jungling and teamfight.

Of course the heroes are made defense roamers must have such high durability Tigreal, Khufra until Minotaur.

Healer Roamer Type

Mobile Legends Roamer Type

Along with the development of Mobile Legends, of course, the healer type appeared when Estes was officially released for the first time in the Land of Dawn,

For this type one, of course they don’t need to become the shield of a team in a teamfight.

The reason is, he has the good function of providing extra shields and heals to his colleagues. Examples like Estes, Rafaela, Angela as well as Floryn.

Type of Attack Roamer

Most Hero M2 Tires
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The latest that has recently been used as a META is attack roamers which is a type of roamer that is quite annoying in Mobile Legends, especially for you junglers.

This type, of course, often plays aggressively to disturb the opponent’s jungler in jungling or repaying the opponent’s blood.

Not infrequently, this type of roamer can also easily solo kill his opponents. Examples like Natalia.

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