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Latest Leaked Skin 11.11 Mobile Legends 2023, For This Hero!

Last year’s skin 11.11 Hayabusa became one of the most popular skins in Mobile Legends and is highly anticipated in 2023.

The reason is, this skin has a very extraordinary appearance and at the same time looks very terrible.

Interestingly, Moonton himself has now prepared the latest 11.11 special skin which will be released in Mobile Legends at the end of next year.

Therefore, here are the latest 11.11 skin leaks that will soon be released in Mobile Legends.

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Gusion Get Skin 11.11 Mobile Legends 2023

Skin 11.11 Mobile Legends 2022
Photo via Mobile Legends Update

After Hayabusa, the next hero who will get the 11.11 skin is another assassin hero, namely Gusion.

Based on trusted leakers, this hero will almost certainly get a cool exclusive skin from Mobile Legends in April.

The appearance itself is quite different from the previous edition of the 11.11 skin, which was dominantly purple.

In this edition, skin 11.11 will have red as the dominant color which will make Gusion look scary.

This is also like a gift from Moonton for Gusion who just got revamped in Mobile Legends.

Of course, with this new skin, it’s not impossible that later he will return to coloring the Land of Dawn like in the previous several seasons.

When Will It Be Released?

Hero op assassin mobile legends
Photo via EnWallpaper

The skin will of course be released on April future or precisely on the date 11 coincides with the 11.11 celebration in Mobile Legends.

Just like in the previous event, you can get these skins through gacha or exchanging points obtained from gacha results.

Total 3000-5000 diamonds You need to prepare to be able to bring the Gusion 11.11 skin home to your list of skin collections in Mobile Legends.

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