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This is the Most Powerful Hero in Mobile Legends According to Jess No Limit, Must Know!

This is the Most Powerful Hero in Mobile Legends According to Jess No Limit, Must Know!

The debate about who is the strongest hero ever in Mobile Legends will never end.

The reason is, every player certainly has a personal view of this matter which is certainly different.

Interestingly, recently one of the veteran players of Mobile Legends Tobias “JessNoLimitJustin gave his views on the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends.

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Xavier the Strongest Hero Version of Jess No Limit

The Most Powerful Hero Mobile Legends

Interestingly, it turns out that the hero is Xavier which at some point has been quite forgotten in Mobile Legends.

Of course, this is not surprising considering that he was nerfed and the damage dealt was not as strong as before.

Even so, Xavier himself is still very OP when in the right hands to be able to maximize his abilities.

The reason is, Jess No Limit ensures that this hero is capable of dealing considerable damage when used in a match.

“Please, guys, don’t ever let go of this hero (Xavier) because this hero is really crazy. You can see for sure that my damage will be very large,” said Jess No Limit.

Xavier himself does have a global ultimate so he can deal damage from a great distance.

He also has a terrible skill combination through his skill 1 and skill 2 which is capable of providing a CC effect as well as very painful damage.

Apart from that, Jess No Limit also provides a build so you can maximize this hero even if you get nerfed by using Magic Shoes, Clock of Destiny, Enchanted Talisman, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive and Glowing Wand.

So, that’s the strongest hero in Mobile Legends according to Jess No Limit, which of course you must know.

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