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This Hero Fighter is the Counter for the OP Assassins in Mobile Legends

Did you know that this one fighter hero counters assassin ops in Mobile Legends, who is this hero?

There is one fighter hero in Mobile Legends who is a natural counter for assassin ops. His skills are very troublesome and make it difficult for all assassin heroes to fight him.

Even assassin heroes like Ling, Lancelot, Julian and so on who are famous for their speed in killing are very wary of this one fighter hero, who is he?

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Hero Assassin op mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

If in the tank role there is Khufra, in the fighter role there is Ruby. Yep Ruby is the only fighter hero who can counter all assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

Just like Khufra, Ruby has full cc skills, namely skills 2 and 3. Even assassins with the highest level of mobility such as Lancelot, Ling, Hayabusa and even Fanny can be easily countered by Ruby.

Skill 2 Ruby is the main key why he can easily count all assassin heroes, because his skill has annoying cc plus a short cooldown so it can be spammed continuously.

On average, all assassin players really avoid this one hero because it makes the hero they use unable to play optimally.

Hack mobile legends account
Photo via DeviantArt

Even so it’s easy to catch and eventually killed by opponents, if Khufra counters assassins by knocking up from his 2nd skill then Ruby can counter assassins with his crowd control.

Never hesitate to pick Ruby when fighting assassins who are hard to beat like Ling, Fanny and so on.

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