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The Most Effective Dyrroth Counter in Mobile Legends, Makes Him Auto Brown!

It is no longer denied when Dyrroth is now one of the heroes with deadly damage in Mobile Legends so the most effective counter is needed.

The reason is, this hero does have various abilities to deal enormous damage while reducing it physical defense belongs to his opponent.

No wonder he is often used as an option to face heroes who have thick blood in the Land of Dawn, such as Uranus and even Esmeralda.

Therefore, the following is a list of the most effective counter Dyrroth heroes currently in Mobile Legends.

Chou Effectively Counters Dyrroth

Chou mobile legends
Photo via Pinterest

It is almost certain that Dyrroth will lose when facing Chou in a 1vs1 duel in the Land of Dawn because he has CC abilities that will make Dyrroth not move.

This of course made Dyrroth overwhelmed to serve the various attacks given by Chou.


Skin Silvanna Collector

In the lore Mobile Legends, Silvanna is an older brother of Dyrroyh who was kidnapped by Alice and influenced by the Abyss.

Of course Silvanna is one of the counters that is powerful enough to finish off Dyrroth when facing one on one.

The hero will lock up his younger brother which will make him unable to accept magic damage which is very deadly.

Paquito Makes Dyrroth Not Move

Hero auto win mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

Almost similar to Chou, however Paquito arguably having a slightly more annoying CC skill at this point.

He can even do the ultimate up to many times stack what he has is fully loaded.

So it is almost certain that Dyrroth will not have a long breath when dealing with this boxer hero.

So, that’s all the heroes who are very effective in countering Dyrroth in Mobile Legends at this time which of course you need to take note of, Spinners!

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