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Here's How to Get Free Saint Seiya Skin Without Top-Up!

Here’s How to Get Free Saint Seiya Skin Without Top-Up!

It’s getting clearer that later you can get skins from the MLBB x Saint Seiya collaboration for free without the need for a top-up.

Usually you need to complete event quest missions that contain top-up tasks and spend diamonds.

But at the upcoming MLBB x Saint Seiya event you can get it without doing that.

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Only Complete Missions In This Event

Free Seiya Skins
source: YT VY Gaming

Through the upcoming Seiya Training event, you can be sure to get a total of 10 free tickets for gacha at the MLBB x Saint Seiya event. Of course you know that the first 10x draw ensures you get free Badang – Pegasus Seiya skin.

As your illustration, here is a series of missions that you must complete to complete this event.

  • Login 1 day
  • 4 Day Login
  • Login 7 days
  • Login 11 days
  • Complete 1 match
  • Share Events
  • Eliminate Lord/Turtle 10x
  • Win 1 Match
  • Get 12 Gold Medals
  • Complete 1 match with a friend
  • Not 10 Free Silver Chests
  • Complete 3 Matches using Badang, Chou or Valir
  • Deal 1,200,000 damage in total
  • Get 200 kills
  • Complete 40 matches

Aprilbe what’s difficult is to complete the last three quests, but if you keep playing, of course you can because if you don’t complete all the existing quests, your chance to get 10x free draw tickets will fail.

You also lost your chance to get free Badang – Pegasus Seiya skin for free.

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