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Solo Warrior Ranks Early in the Mobile Legends Season, Don't Do This

Are you solo rank fighters at the start of the Mobile Legends season? So don’t ever do this if you don’t want to lose streak.

Losing streak is something that Mobile Legends players really avoid, especially for those who play solo ranked.

Therefore SPIN Esports has some tips that you should remember and understand if you are a solo rank fighter at the start of this Mobile Legends season and don’t want to keep losing let alone be hit by a losing streak.

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Don’t Blame & Toxic

Toxic mobile legends
photo via yt azel

The first prohibition is very important and you should know that don’t even insult or insult players to the point of being toxic in-game.

This makes all the players in a broken mood so that the game will definitely not go well and in the end, of course, you will lose.

Do not be selfish

Mobile Legends ML Season 19 Draft Pick Ban Strategy
Source: Reddit

The second prohibition is don’t be selfish, it’s true that you really have to play core if you’re a solo rank but if there are players who also want to play core and have a higher win rate than you, then give them a go.

You have to give in for the sake of the team’s victory and don’t be selfish or forced to pick a hero.

Don’t Play in Public Hours

Toxic mobile legends

The last thing that is strictly prohibited is not to play rank at general hours full of players, for example after school hours, in the afternoon, at night before going to bed and so on.

During these hours, your chances of meeting the public who haven’t been able to play are very large and in the end you don’t get wins but continuous defeats.

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